Muzzy Phantom 125

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Muzzy Phantom 125

Postby featherflinger » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:22 pm

This year I switched to these muzzy phantom broadheads, and just wanted to report how happy I am with them. I am shooting the 125gr. variety with the large cut on contact blade + the bleeder blade. I shot a doe on opening day with one and it made an impressive hole for a fixed blade. The deer bled great from the point of impact. I like the idea of cut on contact blades for fixed blade broaheads. Before I was using G5 montecs, and they were good too, but the phantoms give a little larger cutting diameter and seem to work very well with my setup. I am shooting these from a 50lb. recurve and got a pass through shot on that mature doe Oct. 1. :D

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