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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby Konk » Mon Dec 08, 2008 7:24 am

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About a year ago, I got duped(OK I joined) into Subscribing to Buckmasters. Just like the host and the founder, the organization and magazine is a crock. I did the 6 year stint(what a mistake). In the last year, I have received two issues and none of the spiffs. I have given up on them and do not hope to see them honor any of their contracts to me.

All told, they have little in common with the folks that hunt here in the Great Lakes states(Wisconsin myself). I have always bought Deer and Deer Hunting off the rack since day one, but it has been not until recently that I have actually subscribed. D&DH is by far the best deer hunting magazine out there. Rather see facts and real stories than hyped up crap from Texas private hunts all the time. D&DH makes it count where it is most appreciated...in the real world.

I joined a while back on the 3 year subscription. What a disappointment the magazine was, more advertising than anything. When my subscription ran out, I too was bombarded with phone calls to re-up, I finally had to be blunt with the caller not to call me again.
I agree mtnman that the mag didn't have much in the content about hunting in the midwest.
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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby mag30079 » Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:00 am

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Tred's biggest problem is that he's so insecure. He needs to develop more of an ego........[:D]

Thats the only reason I watch Tred is to see him go off on a tangent, Or to see him eat a sandwich after handling droppings...[:D]

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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby Jawbone » Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:43 pm

Tred has a heck of a good hunting show.  I love his enthusiasm and determination.  He knows what he wants and is happy going home empty handed doing things "HIS" way!  I like that big guy he takes with him, I think they're funny!
Let em Go & Let em Grow !!!! (Jefferson Co. , WI.)

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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby mtnman » Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:57 am


ORIGINAL: Woods Walker


[quote]ORIGINAL: PrairieShadow


[quote]ORIGINAL: ???

If i was willing/able to pay 50g's to shoot a monster buck i could do it each year as well and so could everyone else. 

...or where to hunt them.

Nope its neither. he has alot of money and will pay big bucks too hunt the big bucks. 
The hunter still has to know how to hunt big bucks, regardless of where your hunting, or how much you pay. Give the man some credit here, even if you have to swallow some pride in the process, his wall is very impressive. I'm also sure that he didn't get to where he is in this business by being a educated idiot.  I've always liked the "buckmaster" mag, not because of JB, but because of the information on deer hunting, which used to rank up there with the N-A-W, and D&D hunting publications.   Bashing someones name because you didn't renew your subscription on time is sad, if that is the case.  I don't know if some of you have something personal against JB, or the "buckmasters" mag, but this isn't the place to make deflamatory remarks about them.  The man has to make a living, just like the rest of us here, as well as our writers, and D&D hunting prostaff.   

[size="3"]Traveling to a place you've never been, being placed on a stand that someone else scouted and then set up,  and then waiting for a "shooter" to come along is NOT deer HUNTING, but deer SHOOTING. His trophy wall, regardless of how big or how many deer are on it don't tell me a thing about what kind of hunter he is, other than the fact that he's a rich one. [/size]
[size="3"]Bottom line......I'm not impressed.[/size]
[size="3"]On the other hand, I don't for a nano-second begrudge Mr. Bushman for his success. He is a VERY good marketer and promoter, and would be a success at whatever he chose to be a pitchman for. [/size]
[size="3"]But he will continue his success without my $$$, as I have no interest in what his magazine offers.[/size]
[/quote] Gee.. my wall has some big deer heads on it, and I'm not rich, or hunting with a outfitter. I'm sure JB hunts some leased ground, but who doesn't, and even if he does hunt a outfitter with a guide, does that make him any less respected than the thousands of other hunters doing the same thing? Many of the members of deer & deer hunting mag hunt outfitters every year. According to your ideals they can't hunt as well because they paid for their hunts ahead of time? I also bet alot of hunters wished it was as easy to harvest a mature buck while hunting a outfitter as you say. 

There is a big difference to guided hunts in wild area than paying for a kill at some high fenced ranch. And also, I have never hunted a lease, and know of no one else that has. I do not "pay to hunt". I already do enough of that with my taxes and license fees. There is a place about 12 mlles from me that started out as a game farm to sell venison...he next started selling big bucks for breeding when all the out of state outfitters wanted breeding bucks for their high fenced operations..next he started allowing shooting bucks he raised for a fee...he has about 120 acres, and is WAY HIGH FENCED! During the course of these shoots, he releases "x" amount of bucks to wander the property where stands are set up on regular corridors...folks sit and wait for the buck they want to come through, then they shoot it....the amount it costs them is dependant on the size and scoring of the antlers. I do not begrudge this fella for his business. He is a hunter himself, and hunts public land. But even he admits, that what he provides is NOT HUNTING, but shooting. Some people buy expensive cars, some people buy expensive deer shoots. But please....do not insult us and call it hunting.
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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby nysboss » Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:26 am

What a thread. I like the passion and the heart of backing your words. I completely agree with Woods Walker and fasteddie. No bones about it these tv shows are nothing but deer smut. I enjoy watching the bow hunts rather than gun hunts when I watch these, because they at least had to practice shooting. Also I enjoyed, and was upset about when Babe shot a nice deer with the bow, this deer ran and expired on neighboring land. When asked, the neighbors wouldn't allow him to retrieve it. Thats a real situation. Glad to see he followed the order, and still went on and put it on tv. I disagree with that landowner(without knowing the all the details), but respect Babe's decision not to pursue his deer without permission. Speaking of shot angles, I'd love to see one of these guys lower their tree stands from 20 some feet to more like 15-18ft. That is awfuly high and makes for smaller kill zones, which to me is deemed unethical.  

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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby EatDeer » Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:05 am

ORIGINAL: vipermann7

To reply the very first post that started this thread, I had the same thing happen to me. I didnt even join, I just entered a sweepstakes and I got calls non stop for two years, even after repeated times telling them I was not interested in joining. They are persistent.

To throw my two cents in about the debate over TV pro hunters that has spun off here, I think there is a mix of difficulty with some of the shows. Take for example a guy like Roger Raglin. He does some shows from outfitters, but he also does a good deal of shows on public land, or he drives around an area and will tape on some private leases he gets permission to hunt. So he is one example of the end of the stick who does try to get out hunt it like the rest of us.
On the other end you have the shows taped at outfitters, which does seem to be a majority of the shows these days. I too find it funny how they talk about all the hard work they did, and it's true, there is work involved. it is still hunting, there is no guarantee they will shoot a deer. They do however have the luxury of being on managed land that has been thoroughly scouted by someone else. So a lot of work is done for them. But they do put in some long hours in the stand, they drive hundreds of miles a week, they have two guys to hide in a stand, two guys stinking up the woods, the camera has to get the shot or they dont take it, they need pre-shot footage, and they have to start hunting in the morning late and quit early in the evening because they loose camera light before they lose shooting light. So they do have their challenges, though they are much different challenges than the rest of us face each season.
There are some shows I really don't like, because some of them really do go overboard on only shooting huge bucks. It's what makes more entertaining TV, so in a sense they are a slave to their job, but some of them also do seem pretty spoiled to be going around shooting several B&C bucks every season. Sure, I wouldnt mind watching them shoot some does, but I'm guessing the marketing research tells them that does don't make good entertainment. They shoot big bucks for a reason, and I'm sure that reason is that most polls show that people want to see big bucks, otherwise they wouldn't hit it so hardcore. It's all entertainment, they have shows because we watch them, and because some of them are just plain good salespeople who are great at getting sponsors. I dont personally like all of them, and so I dont watch the ones I dont like. Beyond that, there isn't a whole lot to do.
RR has more trophies on his wall then JB, I guess he doesn't know how to hunt b bucks either.[8|]
"Let a young buck go, so he can grow."

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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby Bowtechian » Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:44 pm

I really hope J.B. reads this thread to realize he has "one" true fan that will fight for him until the end of time. Wait..., Shotgun Red makes two.
Dave M.

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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby schlupis » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:08 pm

LMFAO   He might be shotgun red...

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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby JPH » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:22 pm



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RE: BuckMasters??

Postby Bowtechian » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:33 pm

Fan club?
Dave M.


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