What Did You Think of the Archery Annual?

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RE: What Did You Think of the Archery Annual?

Postby Woods Walker » Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:31 pm


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LOL!! So now I have to buy a new monitor, and go out and spend $600+ on a laptop so's I can read a "free" magazine????
I'd rather pay $7.00 or $8.00 a piece for them on the newsstand...It'll be FAR cheaper in the long run! [:)]

[font=tahoma]You ONLY use your computer for reading D&DH magazines? Wow, you are hard core! [8D]

Seriously though, if all PDFs look bad on your computer, either your computer is in need of an upgrade or you need new glasses. Most professional PDF files (like D&DH) are the most detailed files I have ever seen.

I zoomed in the Archery Annual PDF to 600% and it was still clear as could be. (It was really huge, but totally clear!)

Make sure you have updated the Adobe Reader program on your computer. (Open Adobe Reader, go to "help" on the top menu and select "Check for updates") The latest version is Adobe Reader 8.1.6[/font]

No...I don't read ANY magazines on the computer. That's what my easy chair and the...ahem...."other" chair is for.
Like I said, when I read a magazine on PDF, I have to make it larger so It's clear, but then you have to scroll it more, and the hesitation in the scroll is VERY annoying, not to mention that many times when I scroll down to finish a sentence, it jumps to another damn page. The I have to go back up and find where I was, breaking my concentration. It's a very annoying, inconvenient way to have to read anything. If D&DH were FREE, but the only way I could read it was PDF, then I would no longer read it at all. I hate PDF that much.
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RE: What Did You Think of the Archery Annual?

Postby wallyworldmudhen » Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:55 am

i just downloaded in black and white and, except for the lack of other colors, it is just as readable as the magazine.
most annuals are made up of reprints it seems, but since i have not seen the original articles, i really appreciate the reprints.

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RE: What Did You Think of the Archery Annual?

Postby tracer » Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:21 am

I loved it and had no problem reading the PDF format. Looking forward to the next edition.
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