More antihunting propaganda

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RE: More antihunting propaganda

Postby 69Viking » Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:22 am


OH MY!!!!
I need to voice my opinion. I have never hunted an animal and I don't really think I could ever shoot an animal unless I was starving. I can't even look at a deer hanging in the garage after my son or husband shoot one especially when the poor thing is being skinned. I hate seeing irresponsible idiots who throw carcasses in public sandpits, trails, makes me sick. I think deer are the cutest critters living and I love to photograph them. I really dislike the taste of venison (except home canned). I can't even watch hunting shows on the outdoor channel.
I live in MinneSNOWta......where there is an over abundance of deer. Yippee for me and my camera!! But listen up Caroline....if people were not allowed to hunt there would be several thousand deer out there suffering from car hits, lack of living space and severe lack of food in the winter. Do you realize what would happen to insurance rates? They would skyrocket from all the deer/vehicle collisions.

GOD knows best and he tells us to EAT MEAT. There is no purer source of quality meat than venison, moose and elk. I so wish I could acquire a tase for it so I could stop eating the garbage meat sold in the stores. You know the type....the cattle that comes from overcrowded feedlots that are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones.....YUMMY!!
Maybe you should do a survey on why people hunt. But you need to ask at least a thousand people to get an accurate reason why. Most will tell you it is for food NOT fun. Those who do hunt for the trophies usually donate the meat to starving people who frequent food shelves or give the meat to those that like the taste of venison.
I believe you should get yourself on a forum where other people think like you because preaching your beliefs here will not convert anybody and make them stop hunting

I gave up thinking Caroline would ever see the light.  I just had to chime in to tell you Donna that your post is awesome.  Sorry you don't like the taste of venison, you really are missing out on some healthy meat.  Luckily everyone in my family loves it and on years when I can get two or more deer we fill the freezer enough that we don't have to purchase beef raised in overcrowded feedlots standing in their own feces.  I saw this on a trip to NM and it really made me think about the beef I eat when I can't get enough deer meat in a season.  Thanks for posting Donna.

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RE: More antihunting propaganda

Postby msbadger » Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:14 am

I do believe they are serving VENISON at the inaugeral lunch today...hhmmm....CCT...thats alot of deer meat for democrats and republicans.....[;)]


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