Gander Mountain Basic Ladder Stand

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Gander Mountain Basic Ladder Stand

Postby Demoderby4 » Wed Oct 15, 2008 7:10 am

Bought it in September for the October bow season, great deal for the 70 bucks i spent for it, you also get a harness and rachet strap with it as well. The harness isn't the most comfortable thing i have worn lol, but it does the job, the stand its self is pretty quiet and very well built. The only thing i dont like is it did not come with a padded seat (i had to but my own, and i was actually glad i had to because it is extremely comfortable and i can sit in it all day without having much discomfort, and i have a terrible back) and the platform you stand on is pretty small compared to other ones on the market. But all around i would get another one just based on the price, very afforable for all you get with it.

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RE: Gander Mountain Basic Ladder Stand

Postby HUNT365 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:02 am

you may notice that the more you use your tree stand the noisier it gets. when you tighten the locking nuts it tends to compress the square tubing. as you use it the square tubing will compress more causing a loose connection and a squeak. I like to apply thin weather stripping or a couple of layers of duck tape wherever the tubing is to be bolted together. this seems to help. also, before the season starts check the tightness of all bolts and nuts.

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