Illinois rut

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Illinois rut

Postby thrasja » Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:20 am

I am coming in from SC next week for shotgun season. Gonna be hunting white county are the deer starting to chase pretty good I have never hunted here before was also wondering how important are grunt calls ,snort wheezes and rattling are this time of year up there .Because they dont hardly work in my state and I have mixed emotions on using them I go on the belief the quieter the better but just looking for some opinions thanks to all I ll be hunting hardwoods dont have many fields to hunt pretty good size woodlot though

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Re: Illinois rut

Postby Woods Walker » Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:40 pm

I've lived and hunted in Illinois for 34 years now, and while I used to rattle a lot, I 've had better results with a grunt call than anything else. That's not to say that rattling won't work or it's's not. But rattling with a bow can be tough, because a lot of times when the deer do come in they have the sound pinpointed and it can be hard to get a draw on them. IMO rattling with the bow work best with two bowhunters working as a team. One calling, and the other set up 100 yards or so down wind.

Lately though I haven't used calls much at all. I've noticed that many of the so-called "deer sounds" I hear in the woods about now are not deer at all, but hunters trying to sound like deer. My theory is that as adaptable as whitetails are, that eventually calling for deer in the midwest will be like trying to bugle in elk out west.....they don't come to it much anymore because everyone does it.

Snort wheeze I can't help you with. Never tried it.
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