FOID Card - 10 yrs now

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FOID Card - 10 yrs now

Postby bobow » Wed May 02, 2012 5:38 am

My FOID was due to run out in July so I got a head start since the news stories are they are way behind and taking a lot longer than 30 days.

I got it back within 3 weeks which freaked me out but it is valid until 2022. I thought I remembered it was only good for 5 years the last time I renewed. Is it oldtimers or was it 5 years in recent past?
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Re: FOID Card - 10 yrs now

Postby Deebz » Wed May 02, 2012 6:52 am

I renewed mine in 2009, and it's good until 2019. I think I first applied in 2000, and it expired in 2010. So it's always been 10 years for me, but I've only had one for 12 years or so now...
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