What are Your Thoughts on IL Deer Mgmt?

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What are Your Thoughts on IL Deer Mgmt?

Postby Schmidt » Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:51 am

Illinois hunters: Please read Keri Butt's opinion piece on the state of deer hunting in Illinois, then check in here to express your thoughts. http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/artic ... reat-state

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Re: What are Your Thoughts on IL Deer Mgmt?

Postby Deebz » Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:12 pm

wow... I don't think anybody can argue that our herd has been in a decline, but the numbers don't lie there. There is a thread here in which a fellow poster is sharing his conversation with a DNR official on much this same topic.

The DNR is making no bones about the fact that what hunters want to see in the way of a deer herd is not the only (and I would argue not even the most important) driving force in their decisions as to how many deer they want to see taken each year. They have clearly been on a campaign to reduce the herd.

However, I don't think that not buying permits is going to really help the herd. I'm all for eliminating the extra seasons and unlimited doe tags...but if I don't go out and kill a few deer to put in my freezer and feed my family, then the sharpshooters are just going to be granted that many more to add to their kill totals...

I'm really torn on the whole CWD concept as well. Do we know if it actually kills deer? Do we know if there are any adverse affects? Killing thousands of deer to eliminate a couple dozen that have the disease just seems like overkill (no pun intended) to me...
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Re: What are Your Thoughts on IL Deer Mgmt?

Postby docmccoy » Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:15 pm


So your just not going to buy a tag this year huh? Personally, I feel that attitude toward the whole scene here in Illinois is like a grumpy little kid on the playground who takes his/her ball and goes home pouting. You need to think it over....I give it till September and you'll cave.

I live in Crawford county in the south eastern part of the state and I will agree with this article on one thing....deer numbers are down in this area. Wintering areas where I used to see 40-60 deer yarding up in years past are bare of sign and sighting. Where did they all go? The DNR didn't come in and kill them. None of my land owners have crop damage tags. They all didn't get hit by cars. To me its no mystery.

In 2012, the dry summer did two things for our deer...stagnated water sources for midge fly populations to spread EHD and leave farmers with 40 bushel corn to harvest leaving nearly nothing for our deer to eat. Mast crops were also crummy in the woods in 2012. Summer of 2013 stomped populations again with hunters all over finding EHD deer. Add the stress of an actual long winter with 2 months of snow cover and winter mortality will by higher in the state after this winter. My overall point is that natural causes have hit deer populations harder this past two years than any I have ever hunted in.

Now I will not argue that unlimited doe tags, CWD culling, late season hunting and other management methods my the state have an impact but I think some of our reporting stats are a little skewed. And by skewed, I mean wrong.

Example 1) Ambient temp during firearm season = freezing = deer harvest numbers drop because everyone back at camp thinks its too cold to deer hunt
Example 2) I just reported how many EHD probable dead deer I have found during shed hunting and it doubled the number for our whole county. EHD isn't being handled right.

To close, I don't think every deer numbers issue is a conspiracy of the "evil Chicago politician". We should blame Ma Nature and Human Error.

Now, go get your deer permit come this summer. Because, in my best Tom Hanks voice, "There's no crying in deer hunting".

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Re: What are Your Thoughts on IL Deer Mgmt?

Postby Big Horse » Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:20 pm

Many of my thoughts as well as a recent back and forth conversation I recently had with the IDNR Deer Project Manager can be seen here...
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Re: What are Your Thoughts on IL Deer Mgmt?

Postby stinger » Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:10 pm

I have noticed that hunting in Illinois is really difficult, the laws are not hunter friendly - March or April for a lottery of the particular section you want to hunt? Never heard of it for whitetail deer.

I happen to know that there are DNR employees that have killed over 3,000 whitetail deer. This instead of selling licenses in Cook County. Pitiful. I only will hunt with a bow and arrow in Illinois.
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