new guy needs alittle HELP !!

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new guy needs alittle HELP !!

Postby myboyzrhunters » Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:34 am

Hi guys,
i'm new to this computer stuff, maybe someone can help and "I" know it's asking alot , but here goes !!
i have 2 young hunters (sons) they've gun hunted for the past 3&4 yrs on a hunt club property, do to the oboma'nation i've been out of work nearly 8 mos now , with just a few odd construction jobs here and there , so i had to drop out of the club after 25 yrs...
We live in cook or should i say crook county !! and was wondering if any member knows of a farmer hopefully close that would allow bow hunting. my boyz are good stewerts of the land and respect the invite of the land owner... my oldest 'hopefully' this is his 2nd yr with a bow and hopefully my youngest 1st.
We ' Good Lord willing ' put 3-4 deer in the freezer ea year, this is are main substance
So if any of our fellow hunters have ANY info "PLEASE" give us a shout

Thank you
just incase i didn't do this right my email is

as uncle Tedd quotes " isn't the person who hires the assassin equally as guilty as the person who pulls the trigger" ??

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