Illinois Hunting Journal 2011

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Re: Illinois Hunting Journal 2011

Postby jonny5buck » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:03 pm

No kell no pics....i am vowing to plunk down the money for a digital camera....or a camcorder and posting pics /video in the upcoming yr....i have seen some amazing things that i would love to share...and also show some of my stand set-ups for the newer guys who may have problems identifying where to set-up on private or public last hunt was in a snow storm...the only deer that i seen was my own decoy....he looked cold...i was even colder :roll: ....seasons ended ,but scouting will be around the corner and a small list of ''next yr'' items has been tallyed up......pretty good season to do a few hunts with my buddies and my dad....that makes the hunt more enjoyable for yr all ''fuzzy faces '' have it coming...look out!!!!!--- :lol:


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