In-season diet?

Tips on how to keep yourself in top form for the hunting season.
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Re: In-season diet?

Postby Winkmeister » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:17 pm

re: sports/nutrition bars, and other foods.
You would be best "served" to defer from bars and other supplements/food stuffs with soy products in them. Particularly true for men as soy is a false hormone (pseudo-estrogen). Just put in Soy Poison in your preferred search engine...
Unless you are a menopausal woman desiring hormone replacement therapy, Whey is way better. :)
Once you start reading ingredients, you'll be disgusted with how prevalent soy is, and the more it is manipulated/processed, the worse for you.
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Re: In-season diet?

Postby HuntingFool94 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:33 pm

My wife and hunting partner came down with spinal cancer last year - she was doing research and came across the book anticancer - it has changed both our lives - I am a computer slave and don't get a lot of time for exercise but I have lost 20 lbs following this advice - Cut out bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, artificial sugars and eat more salads and lean meat (which of course adds to our hunting adventures - shooting hogs, buffalo, elk, deer, pheasants) - I no longer buy meat at grocery - just occasional fish and seafood. My wife has lost 30 lbs all while being pretty much sedentary during the recovery process - this eating regimen will help cure/prevent cancer and also deal with weight issues. Our neighbor also had breast cancer and was struggling getting results from Chemo treatment - she read the book and cut all the artificial sugar out of her diet and got tremendous improvement.
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Re: In-season diet?

Postby richdevlin761 » Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:38 pm

I love citrus fruit, but it is usually strong smelling if you have to peel it. A small bottle of juice works well as a replacement. Sawdust bars, dry-roasted peanuts, and dried fruit are staples of my hunting diet in the field. I cut back on seafood, red meat, and smelly foods.


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