??s for a physical therapist or fitness guru

Tips on how to keep yourself in top form for the hunting season.
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??s for a physical therapist or fitness guru

Postby MoDeer » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:57 pm

I usually exercise during the off season to stay in good enough shape to make it through deer season but early this spring my back got me down again . I am almost 2 months out of surgery and am desperate to get in good enough shape to be able to pull my bow in less than 2 months .

I started working with therabands about 5 days ago and have only been working on my upper body strength as I don't want to put any strain on my low back .

My question is : What is the quickest way to build strength? Would it be less resistance with more reps or vice versa and should I be doing what I can daily or not?

Not really concerned with whether this would be against medical advice or not as everything I do is AMA . I have autonomic neuropathy so even exercising is AMA and means that I can't get my heart rate too high without having a setback that I don't have the time for .

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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Re: ??s for a physical therapist or fitness guru

Postby mikejones675 » Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:03 pm

Given your conditions, I would recommend working out 3 times a week (this gives your muscles time to recover between workouts) with low rep semi-heavy workout. Low rep builds muscles whereas high rep builds endurance.

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