Photo gripes!

Share your photos of trophies and just plain strange deer!
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RE: Photo gripes!

Postby Goose » Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:39 pm

Why would your posts be deleted? Because you disagree with another poster and myself? Has that ever been done before?
I'm sorry that you guys feel that this site is administered that way.

My point was that this thread has been going on for a year and all of a sudden some posters are very adamant that the OP is full of himself and is telling people how they should take their pictures. When you look back at all of the posts (which I did and pointed out) it appears that a lot of other people agreed with him and didn't think he was full of himself or telling them how to take their pictures.

You guys take your pictures however you want, I guess I will keep my mouth shut on the topic.

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RE: Photo gripes!

Postby Challenger » Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:58 pm


Why would your posts be deleted? Because you disagree with another poster and myself? Has that ever been done before?
I'm sorry that you guys feel that this site is administered that way.

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RE: Photo gripes!

Postby Marc Anthony » Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:37 pm

Back to the OP, I'm the king of horrible photos. I could post a half a dozen pictures here of bucks I've taken over the last few years that break every rule in the book.

In the last year or so, I thought I was doing better by taking pictures with no blood on their mouths, sticking the tongue back in and wiping the blood off of the carcass before taking the picture. Then Les Davenport saw my latest pictures and said: "Marc, next time you kill a buck, let me take the picture". I thought to myself, wow, I must really stink at this. I then made an conscious decision to take better pictures on my next buck!

This season, I killed an early season buck, so I got the camera out, set the timer and took some pictures. I thought I did good! After sending Bear Archery my pictures, I got a phone call from them saying "Hey, congrats Marc, can you send us some good pictures we can use"?. I thought to myself, I hate pictures. My thought on the subject is I really don't care if I'm in the picture or not! I just want a picture of the deer for my album.

I almost hate looking at kill pictures because so many hunters stick the rack way up in the camera and placing their bodies waaaaaayyyyy back trying to make the rack look larger than it really is. What's that about? Just take the picture and be done [:D] Who cares how big the dang rack is? You killed it didn't you?

Having said this mouthful, I've written articles on how to take good pictures but I haven't taken my own advice. I kinda like my deer pics, even if no one else does [&o] Needless to say, JPH makes a good point. On another note, with hunting being a touchy subject in today's society, we must respect the non hunter by being empathetic to their concerns. I deal with it on a weekly basis while doing seminars, public lectures, etc. A little respect goes a long way and really helps our cause.

On a personal note, I don't think JPH is telling anyone what to do. Bottom line, do what you want. These subjects are all food for conversation, so it's a shame to keep seeing forum topics go astray. It's sad to even see these "disclaimers" at the beginning of our topics where we have to remind everyone that we're not picking on any one person, etc. Life's too short to have to worry about a forum topic.

I save all of my negative comments for Ted...[X(]
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