Some of my Pennsylvania Bucks I have had the last few years

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Some of my Pennsylvania Bucks I have had the last few years

Postby thebaran12 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:54 pm

Some trail camera pictures that you guys can look at from central PA.
1.) Little 8
2.) Decent 8
3.) Little Buck
4.) Little 8 again
5.) Bear. How much you think this guy weighs? 250?
6.) These brother bucks might be the smallest I've ever had on camera haha
7.) Decent 8 point
8.) Little 5 point
9.) Decent 8 point
10.) Decent 8 then check out the pig in the left hand side of the photo. Of course it's not a good pic. Gave the cam a slip!
11.) Decent 8
12.) Basket racked 8 point
13.) Wow got a lot of 8's
14.) Only got one picture of this deer. It looks so weird. Is this an older deer or what? Dark horned different colored hair and everything. Intriguing deer that is for sure! To bad never go to see him or have a better picture of him.
15.) 6 point
16.) He was a 7 point till he broke one whole side off
17.) Looks like a decent 7 but not sure only one pic of him
18.) Really nice 9 point. What you think he would score? Maybe 115 or so?

Have some other bigger bucks coming later...

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