My Best Season Ever

Share your photos of trophies and just plain strange deer!
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My Best Season Ever

Postby 1ojolsen » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:30 pm

I just want to share my good fortune this year.
I Traveled back to the homestead in Western Wisconsin where I was able to take a doe and a nice 8 point buck. I was on the ground for both deer, decked out in my new Ghillie Suit, a birthday present from my wife and kids. I was very happy with my shots, both were 35 yards and my Strother Infinity delivered nicely.
When I got back to Maine I was able to take a big (213 lbs dressed) broken up 7 point. He measured 19.5" inside spread. I got him with my trusty old Marlin 336c lever action, with the Hornity Lever Revolution 150 grains. I was on the ground for him as well and I called him in with doe estrus and tending grunt calls.
I'm very happy..
Feel free to take a look at the website I made for my employees who are outdoors men. There are some good stories and pictures.
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