Photos: 23-Point Non-Typical Buck

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RE: Photos: 23-Point Non-Typical Buck

Postby ishman » Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:56 pm

Well put 10pt.

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RE: Photos: 23-Point Non-Typical Buck

Postby BBD23 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:35 pm

I am very proud of this deer.  Looks great sitting on my wall.  Was not impressed with P&Y score of 143 1/8, but BTR score is 164 5/8.  The gross score is 184 3/8.  Even though he is awkward looking I can happily say I have a 180 deer on my wall.

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RE: Photos: 23-Point Non-Typical Buck

Postby 2tonyb » Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:21 am

Congrats on the great buck BBD23!  And thanks for the whole story.  I'm sure most hunters usually get their kills with a double lung or direct heart total pass thru that creates a two foot wide blood trail that runs for less than 60 yds, but occassionally some don' least when telling the story on the internet.  If a 60 yd shot is the worst decision you make in your life, then you're gonna live a darn good life!!!
I only killed a doe (yeah...just a doe...barely a deer) this season.  She was at 50 something yds.  I can't remember exactly.  I'm not even sure if I respected her before I shot her dead.  A good buck never presented a decent shot.  That would be a decent shot according to my standards that have nothing to do with strictly yardage.
I look forward to seeing more pics of your success in future. 
You ever notice on most hunting shows the hunter smiles and giggles a little bit after making a great shot on an animal?  I do too.  Respectful?  I don't know, but we sure do hope that critter drops dead before we do.
I recall a recent thread that speculated on why this forum is so slow.  Hunting is somewhat seasonal, but I think lot has to do with the attacks against the methods or standards of other hunters.  Buck too small, why would you shoot big bucks only, strictly a meat hunter, professional hunters are disgusting, you shot a little doe, you made a bad shot, you used bait, you used trail cams to cheat, nauseum.  There are so many variables according to region, state, and hunting opportunities in general.  The guy that toils away at life in the big city may only have only one opportunity to hunt and may opt for a guided hunt.  Would I ever use a guide?  Hell no.  But I'm not going to damn him for wanting one due to his limited opportunity.  Situations vary.  Different strokes for different folks.

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RE: Photos: 23-Point Non-Typical Buck

Postby freak nasty 145 » Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:38 pm

One outstanding deer!!! Nice job.
"Any sportsman who can kill his deer without the tingling spine, the quick clutch at his heart, the delicious trembling of nerve fibers when the game is finally down, has no place in the deer woods." Lawrence R. Koller. (1948).


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