Central IL rut is on

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RE: entral IL rut is on

Postby shad309 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:11 pm

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ORIGINAL: shad309

Yeah, that area is overran with deer. They really need to cull a few ugly racked bucks as well. Tell your buddy the herd would look better if they practiced QDM!
I have access to land around there but only with a camera. I have yet to find someone willing to let me hunt instead of paying to hunt on their property. For the price people ask I'm better off buying hogs & steers and having them butchered at a lower price.

He knows that but the owners say "no".

The people that live in the in the vicinity of that place are just as hard to deal with...as you know already. The funny thing, anyone could have a place like that if they practice better harvesting habits. It only takes 2 years at the minimum! Any existing 2.5 year old will be a 4.5 year old if given the chance. From there, you'll have years of mature animals to hunt!

It's a shame that they don't listen! That whole area could easily be one that people come from all over the country to hunt.

Some of those people think they are protecting the deer and fail to understand good conservation practices.

I think you and I may know some of the same people.

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RE: entral IL rut is on

Postby Marc Anthony » Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:28 pm

ORIGINAL: shad309
I think you and I may know some of the same people.

"A fool learns from his own mistake but a wiseman learns from a fool's mistake "


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