First Deer of the Season

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Re: First Deer of the Season

Postby bowman12 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:57 am

Congrats! Nice shot too, did you purposely aim in front of the leg bone then? I've always wondered about shooting in front of the leg with a quartering towards shot?

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Re: First Deer of the Season

Postby Deebz » Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:09 am

She was quartering away from me as I began my pre-shot breathing thing I do... then just as I was squeezing off the trigger on my release she turned and stepped down the trail so she was facing me. It just happened to be the perfect angle. The shot was devastating though...
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Re: First Deer of the Season

Postby charlie 01 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:15 pm

Deebz wrote:Good catch Charlie! The last time I bought arrows I got the 2 inch vanes. They seem to shoot better out of my bow.

btw, I wish I'd gotten a good picture of the entrance hole my broadhead left. I remember reading your preferences on super sharp points and such. The broadhead I used was a 100 gr Carbon Express 3 blade expandable. The "tip" is actually a small triangular shaped razor blade. (I think they call it the Torrid)

I was just curious of your findings with the arrows. I tried one of the small dart fletched arrows when they first came out. Was not overly pleased with it. For me, every third or forth shot seemed a little off. Maybe it was me? I don't know. Any way, I'll stick with the 4", they are more forgiving. After all these years with happy endings, why change. I don't use a whisker biscuit and I can see your decission to do so.

If you are particular with sharpness, I'm sure you could put a better edge on those broad head tips. I have an expandible head with a cutting front blade that I use in my cross bow when I use it. They are never sharp enough for me. I always rework them. Every little bit helps. I bought some Rages, they were not sharp enough for me so returned them.
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