8 pointer on sept. 25th

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8 pointer on sept. 25th

Postby bouhntr » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:19 pm

8 pointer
by bouhntr

I live in wisconsin, this year it has been a good year for deer sightings. Iput my trail cam out a couple weeks before the season opened and had a bunch of deer on there, 2 really nice 10s a couple 6s, forks and spikes. I even caught a doe milking two yearlings on the camera. opening day at 7 in the morning I had a nice six walk right by my shooting lane. after a while I had a doe and two small ones walk by. around 11 I seen a deer in the brush, rolled over my can call and the deer turned a started to come in at this time he is eye level with me because i am hunting on the side of a hill. when I moved my bow he jumped back in the brush, when he turned his head I could see he was one of those ten pointers.the next few hunts I only saw small bucks and does and fawns. on the 25th of sept. I hunted a different spot. I had two does under my tree. I accually drew on the doe, but then chose to pass on her and they walk off. a few minutes later a doe ran by me, and then I saw a spike buck just thrash this little sappling for about four or five minutes, then he trotted down the same trail right behind me.I turned around and a six pointer walk by in front of me at ten yards. about a half hour later I saw an 8 pointer coming down the trail. he walk right down the trail those does walk on and gave me a 5 yard shot, he ran by my tree back to where he came from, stopped about thirty yards from me started to wobble and walked in the brush. I sat in my stand for about 5 minutes, text my wife amd told her I shot a buck. she said well go get him.lol I told her I had to wait a while. so after another ten minutes I got down and started to walk out to my truck, called my buddy randy and he met me at my truck. we walked back in and found my buck about 60 yards from my stand. what an awsome feeling to get my hands on him. three days later I shot a doe and got another buck tag , because I hunt in cwd. so now with the cooler weather coming in, I hope to get a shot at one of those big tens. well thats my hunting for now. I'll keep you posted on future hunts. good luck to all and hunt safe.
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Re: 8 pointer on sept. 25th

Postby SwampLife » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:32 pm

Hope I see something like that in a couple weeks when I go to PA. Nice buck!
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Re: 8 pointer on sept. 25th

Postby kellory » Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:48 pm

NICE looking deer! And he got within 5 yards? You must have done something right! Well done! :D
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