Indiana Roadkill....what a shame

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Indiana Roadkill....what a shame

Postby joker1656 » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:10 pm

While my son and I were in the archery shop today, a fella brought this rack in.  The buck was killed on the highway, not far from the shop.  The actual location was N/E of Fort Wayne.  Sad state of affairs, that this behemoth ended up this way. 
He scored around 185 according to one of the employees there.  He did a quick gross score.  Beautiful rack....sad. 
Thought all you Hoosiers would enjoy this, even if he died in such a sad way.  Beautiful example of what we have lurking in the standing corn, and hideaways. 
I could only get one pic uploaded.  There are a couple more on the photos corner page.  enjoy.
Go get one!
Good luck!


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