Indiana Turn In a Poacher

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Indiana Turn In a Poacher

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T.I.P. Program

Turn In a Poacher/Polluter
What is it ?
T.I.P. is a joint effort between the sportsman of Indiana, private citizens and the Department of Natural Resources. It is designed to help eliminate the illegal taking of Indiana's fish and wildlife and to stop the polluting and destruction of our rivers and wetlands.
Under the T.I.P. program, rewards are offered for information leading to the arrest of fish, wildlife and environmental law violators. Citizens who provide information are not required to give their names or testify in court. This information is investigated by the Law Enforcement Division.
Who are the poachers and how should you report them?
Simply defined "poaching" is any illegal taking or processing of fish, game or nongame wildlife. To recognize illegal acts, a basic knowledge of fish and wildlife regulations is necessary. Brochures describing fishing and hunting laws are available from license vendors and from the Department of Natural Resources.
In recent years we have stretched the definition of "poacher" to include a person or group of people that kill fish and wildlife by means of pollution or by destroying valuable habitat such as wetlands and rivers. In many cases this type of poacher has a much more devastating effect on our fish and wildlife resources than the conventional poacher.
The tools of the 20th century poacher are the back hoe, bull dozer and tank truck. If you see a bull dozer or back hoe altering or destroying a natural river or woodland report this potential violation immediately. Tank trucks backed up to a river, stream or drainage ditch could indicate the illegal dumping of pollutants or hazardous waste. Anyone witnessing this situation should call 1-800-TIP-IDNR as soon as possible. OR you can report the observance bye-mail


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