Hoosier Stump Sitters

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Hoosier Stump Sitters

Postby hunter480 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:02 am

Hoosier Stump Sitters-
Indiana`s archery season is still better than 4 weeks off, but begin considering a way to compile all your hunting knowledge, hunting experiences, equipment used, hunting conditions experienced, and game seen, to share with D&DH.com and all your fellow D&DH buddies.
Make your reports as comprehensive as you can...consider things such as reporting moon phase, deer movement, rutting activity seen, equipment used, kills made, etc.
Make the Indiana section of D&DH.com the best place to come find relevent data regarding white-tail hunting and white-tail behavior.
We`ll start a new thread closer to October 1, the start of archery season, for you to report back with all the pertinent information concerning your hunts.
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