a new hunter needs some help

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a new hunter needs some help

Postby ALAN » Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:53 am

I am alan...a 39 year old single white male..i love the outdoors. I am disabled with a mental condition called epilepsy  im a slow learner hard for me to understand some things...im looking for a a mentor in my area (Fort Dodge), to spend some time with me, probably some time at the gun  range, and then some time in the deer woods to show me the ropes and guide me on a hunt or two. Or just let me tag along on one of your days out to show me the "proper" way to do things. I guess what I am asking is for someone in the Fort Dodge area, that is a deer hunter or at least knows a little about it, to step up and go with me to the range and help out, then eventually be able to guide me  if I need   further assistance at that point. Or ask him to come along if your already headed to the range anyway.

 thank you for your time


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RE: a new hunter needs some help

Postby buckwild » Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:33 pm

Best of Luck, Alan.  I don't live in IA (in North Central IL).  I am new to D&DH forums, but it seems like there are alot of neat people online.  Some states dont get much traffic on the forums, though.  If there arent any hits on your post, maybe try the hints at the bottom of the main forum page.
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RE: a new hunter needs some help

Postby JPH » Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:19 am


Sorry it took me so long to get to you. I missed this post because there is so little traffic on the Iowa board that I forget to check it.

I live in Indianola, so we are a long way from each other. This would make it hard to spend a lot of time together, but I would be thrilled to meet you. We have a great range near here and some really good public hunting between where you and I live. There is no reason we could not spend some time getting to know each other and maybe even hunting someday. I work with youth at my church and I can think of some young men who would also like to help you if time allowed. Finally, I have a few contacts in the DNR as well. I know they put on hunts for people with special needs from time to time. Maybe we can get you set up with that.

Send me a PM and we can exchange numbers. 

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