Greatest hunting memory

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Re: Greatest hunting memory

Postby buckhuntr15 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:11 pm

Dang, good to be back and even better reading this thread. Good to see WW and CnR have great stuff to share. Anyway, although whitetail BOW hunt'n is my passion, and I've had many a great memories, my too, is a turkey story. It happened last year.., turkey spring season in MO. I spent the morning with my oldest son, who'd never been hunting (long story). I was so excited to hit the woods with my son, I went unprepared for the hunt. Luckily, the decoys and a natural (terrible) mouth yelp worked. We had a gobbler at 10 yrds, waiting to draw on him, but my son moved just a bit and we got busted. We had some awesome footage, but because it was raining a bit, the cameraman (my son :D) didn't cover it well and it got ruined. We had a spare cheap digital to capture just enough to show how much fun it was. NO BIRD, but hey, who said I was going to kill one anyway. Seeing my son have fun, give him a chance to pick on his old man, sharing the sunrise together, seeing him gain respect for woodmanship and learning the challenge of hunting turkeys with a bow, etc......, priceless, The memory, my friends, is the trophy I walked away with. I gladly share the moment, just becaue of the memory and what it means to me.

Honorable mention: My wife killing her first (and so far her only) whitetail, with a bow. 2008-09 season.
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