dominance is everything

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Re: dominance is everything

Postby Deebz » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:37 am

I agree with you on that one Shaman... I know I've read an article in the past that was talking about a "Bully Buck"... I don't remember if it was D&DH or another magazine, but the concept was that a lot times a buck that doesn't necessarily have a big rack will be very aggressive attitude.

My little brother shot a 6 point buck this year. This is a deer they are pretty sure is the same as one they have on trail cam from last year. It's a 3X3 rack with no brow tines, same as last year. The inside spread was about 14", and the longest tine was maybe 6". We figured the deer was 2 1/2 yrs old. My dad and brothers had seen this deer act just like what you would expect from the most dominant buck in the area: chasing does, tearing up trees, even chasing off other bucks that were older...

Like the saying goes: It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog
"When a hunter is in a tree stand with high moral values and with the proper hunting ethics and richer for the experience, that hunter is 20 feet closer to God." ~Fred Bear

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Re: dominance is everything

Postby kellory » Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:23 pm

Deebz wrote:I agree with you on that one Shaman... I know I've read an article in the past that was talking about a "Bully Buck"... I don't remember if it was D&DH or another magazine, but the concept was that a lot times a buck that doesn't necessarily have a big rack will be very aggressive attitude.

My little brother shot a 6 point buck this year. This is a deer they are pretty sure is the same as one they have on trail cam from last year. It's a 3X3 rack with no brow tines, same as last year. The inside spread was about 14", and the longest tine was maybe 6". We figured the deer was 2 1/2 yrs old. My dad and brothers had seen this deer act just like what you would expect from the most dominant buck in the area: chasing does, tearing up trees, even chasing off other bucks that were older...

Like the saying goes: It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog

Absolutely correct. Deer are as different as people can be. You can't tell a bully or a coward, until the chips are down. Sometimes they will surprise you, and sometimes the deer will too. And just like people, sometimes the bully just hasn't tangled with anything larger yet. When he does, he'll change his attitude, or his location.
The only real difference between a good tracker and a bad tracker is observation. All the same data is present for both. The rest is understanding what you are seeing.

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Re: dominance is everything

Postby TheDIEGuy » Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:03 am


Due to the misinformation that posters are providing here about Bob J. Mercier's DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System, that makes the king of any whitetail deer herd come within 35 yards of its user, in daylight, in less than 4 days of the rut, I Bob J. Mercier - the inventor of this GROUND BREAKING DEER HUNTING TACTIC have joined this forum, to represent myself.

I know many of you are skeptics. Maybe it is because you have never heard of me, or maybe you just like telling everyone that anything you find too good to be true, is B.S., I cannot be sure, but your skepticism is your worst trait, that you have shown me. Instead of calling me out to prove my tactics to you, why not buy my book like 2900 others have and read it from cover-to-cover just as you have read countless other deer hunting books, and magazine articles, and then decide for yourself, and only for yourself if you are a believer or not in what I have shared with you in its 416 pages?

I am a guy, TheDIEGuy here on this forum, who knows what deer think. I learned to think like a deer, from spending thousands of hours in the wild walking among deer unnoticed. What you see when you hunt deer, and what I see are very different, because we are looking at things from a completely different point of view. I do not think about my gun, or bow, or my time off, or my bragging rights, or the land I wish to hunt. I concentrate on concerning myself with the facts on why I am afield among deer, how I am going to get into their king's herd territory without them seeing, hearing, or smelling a human or a threat, and why on God's earth, the most dominant buck in the herd, and his competitors (swamp bucks, unranked challenging intruders, and non-typical racked bucks all 2.5 years and older) would have any reason to come within 35 yards of my one tree stand in daylight while I am in it.

Just because you have never heard of me on the popular Cable, TV, or Deer Hunting Networks, does not mean I do not know deer. The truth is quite the contrary. I know deer better than any other person in history has known deer, but the truth about deer behavior, has never been told before me. Only bits and pieces of what you know about deer are actual facts, with over 50% of the talk of the town being made up human assumptions.

I know deer because I studied them, on my own, in the wild, where deer were not threatened except by human poachers. I learned how deer identify humans as threats, and how they identify other deer that they cannot see, cannot smell, and cannot yet hear as being real deer. I then changed my behavior to mimic what deer sound like while moving and while standing still, as well as masking my human scent by washing with over the counter products that I know work to make me 99% scent-free, and then I covered my body with full camouflage so no deer will see my human form. I learned from deer, that all deer (from any herd) have a right to move through other deer herds without being pursued, but by doing so, they had to take one of two particular trails in order not to draw the attention of the herd bucks (in the pecking order) or from unranked monster-racked bucks that can live inside every king's territory.

I learned that dominant bucks rule the deer world. They can be seen. All deer can be seen. If you are a deer watcher now is the best time of year to see the king of a herd. Now being in late August. BOB MERCIER FACT: Dominant bucks are the only buck that has the right to splay his front hooves on every step made at any pace, on a step-by-step basis all-day every day while they are king. When you locate a dominant buck's track the front of the toe and back of the toe pad are going to be the same depth into the soil when the deer is walking or trotting. Only a running deer will keep his or her heels up. Dew point or Dew claws are not part of their hoof. They show up in the back of the toe pad print, when a deer is showing dominance, on uneven ground, or when that deer is threatened. Any human (hunter or not) who sees splayed toe prints on their hunting land, and measures the toe length of the Left Front, and Right Front Toe pads, along with the width of each pad can find that deer in its bed, if they have permission to go where the deer came from, and they use my tactics, which I teach in my seminars and on private lessons.

In August dominant bucks feed alone, just as they do all the rest of the year. That means that no other buck will be within 35 yards of the king (standing still within 35 yards) during daylight hours. Dominant bucks allow other bucks in their pecking order to walk nearby, or to walk through the INVISIBLE 35 YARD RADIUS BUBBLE that surrounds the king, but they will not allow a challenging intruder buck from another herd to do the same. DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! and for that reason I named my book that very title.

If you want to see a king while he feeds in late July or early August look on the East side of some cover, on the West side of a field that grows knee deep with green grass, hay, clover, soybeans, or the like. The buck will be one of the last to feed there or the only buck to feed there among actively feeding does. He does not feed with fawns in daylight. He will come onto the field at this time of year (July 20 to August 30) from the West nine times out of ten. The tenth time he will come on from the Northwest corner of the field. He comes out of a treeline, or a woodlot, or a swamp. He will be coming from water. His feet will be wet. He will stiff-leg walk (not bending his front knees at 90 degrees) on every step he takes except when he is turning around in tall vegetation. He will head towards the Northwest corner if you saw him come on from the West, and he will head South if you saw him enter the field from the Northwest corner. Dominant bucks have habits, just like all the other deer do (mature deer only), but dominant bucks have different habits than the lesser ranked pecking order bucks, challenging intruders, yearling bucks, and buck fawns. I can teach you all about those jobs but you must trust me and you have to read my book. I do not owe any deer hunter anything. I am willing to teach if you are willing to learn.

The 1900 D.I.E. HUNTERS of which 3 have posted their comments here, are proud to have gotten face-to-face training from me, and I am proud to have trained them to see a mature buck worthy of a head mount, the biggest-racked most dominant buck that walks their land, any day of the week. We see things the same when we are in the deer world, but you cannot comprehend our thoughts, or the facts that we know about deer that you do not have any clue exist. Rightfully so. Those who choose to be ignorant to the findings of a professional, will always be ignorant of the facts. I do not know your job, but I surely know mine, so please do not criticize my teachings unless you have a right to.

No one who has hunted with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING, and followed the rules, including removing all trail cameras as soon as possible, has ever failed to see a mature buck at less than 35 yards in daylight. That is no one. The only way a person can fail is if they fail to follow the rules. There is no human on a D.I.E. HUNT. Only you, and you are invisible to all deer, so why choose to tell deer there is a human among them? D.I.E. HUNTERS are hunted by kings! We know more about deer than 99% of all other deer hunters, and we know you will not believe without seeing, so we do our best to hunt the way we like, and allow you to hunt the way you choose.

We tell the truth and you do not believe. That is your loss. I am willing to go on TV to show you how easy my methods are, but you have to use my D.I.E. SYSTEM as I direct you to, and you cannot show the public how the D.I.E. SYSTEM works. That is what my book is for. I welcome publicity on every D.I.E. HUNT. We do not always kill a king, or a challenging intruder on every hunt, but we see the most dominant buck in the herd as he comes within 35 yards of us, and offers us a clear shot over 80% of the time. Humans make human errors while hunting deer. That is a fact. Let me teach you to leave your human identity at home, so there is no human in the stand. You will be a buck and a doe (invisible) that have come from over a mile away with intent on mating under your tree stand. That is why they hunt you! They fight to the death at times for dominance of a D.I.E. Scrape so they can earn the right to breed every doe that comes to it. They will only send their king if they cannot find you, and if you as a human are never detected. Trail cameras tell deer that humans are among them, and that they will be coming back. With the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System you are not ever there. The king hunts you, and if he is away challenging intruders show up.

No bait, no driving deer, no permanent stands needed, not even a land lease is needed. All you need is my book, the equipment, the knowledge, and the will to see it through. Have faith that there are over 3000 D.I.E. HUNTERS in America and Canada since 2011 and they are not talking this up because I taught them in a book how to change their behavior so the biggest - trophy - racked bucks that walk the earth will search for them in daylight wherever they hunt deer. It is the truth. 90% of all D.I.E. BUCKS are harvested on Day 1 or Day 2 of a potentially 4 day hunt, between October 16 and Jan 13 in all areas where whitetails exist.

Dominant bucks are my specialty. Although I can teach any person how to approach any mature buck on the hoof or bedded so they can get as close as 2 yards from the deer without the deer ever sensing the moving object (you) are not a deer.

I am happy to teach you here at but how can I tell if you are listening, or if you still think I am full of B.S.

I have taken it upon myself to teach those who want to learn.

You can learn by reading my book - many of you do not wish to read - I hear comments that you want videos. I would provide video training if I knew I could keep people from copying my CDs. A book is yours forever.

The easiest way to by my book is online at

The only way you can learn the D.I.E. System is by reading the book or hiring Bob J. Mercier to train you.

If you are still a skeptic and you refuse to buy my book then you will always be a skeptic, and I cannot help you. I only wish to help those who hire me to do so, and at some point in the near future I will offer kids and non - hunters of any age some good free advice as to how to find big bucks where they hunt deer.

Ever since I went public people have tried to call me out on forums, where I was not a member, and they were not serious. They shoot off their mouths saying I should give them a free lesson because they know so much more than the rest of the deer hunters out there. Let me tell you. I owe you nothing. If you want to learn my tactics you need to spend the money to buy my book. I will not get testimonials from you even if you are successful on your first hunt. I have learned that pros will never tell others that someone else has taught them a better way to hunt deer. That would be demeaning to your own reputation. So do not call me out. I am here, my tactics are proven, and only you are the one to lose out, by refusing to try it. I do not owe you anything, and you are way out of your league with me. Telling me to train you for referrals. That isn't going to happen.

Buy the book like everyone else or call your library to ask them to order it, so you can read it for free. Those are your options. My tactics are secret and my customers who have read my book are aware of that, therefore it is not their right to share the secrets with the public online. To this day every person I have trained has signed an agreement to never show anyone how to use my D.I.E. System for profit or gain of any sort. They are telling you they trust me, and you are mistaken about your judgements of my knowledge. I can only teach those who are open-minded and are willing to learn.

Many pro hunters order my books, as well as DNR Officers, Wildlife Biologists, Deer Management Firms, Dedicated Trophy Buck Hunters, Guides, and Amateur Deer Hunters. They do so because someone referred it to them. They cannot put the book down. So they tell me. Here are a few quotes from D.I.E. Book Buyers"

"I borrowed a friend's book. Once I started reading it I wanted one for myself. Nice Job."
Tom Gietman, Mt. Calvary WI

"A friend of mine stopped by and he saw my D.I.E. book. He confiscated it and left, so I am calling to order another one".
Don Puccetti, Grafton WI

"I just attended an indoor and an outdoor DIE seminar and am processing the wealth of information I received. Bob Mercier has an amazing system of hunting that is extensive and far superior to any other deer hunting method. Bob's passion for deer hunting is contagious, I can't wait to be hunted by a monster buck."
Scott Swan, Fennimore WI


"I would like to thank you immensely for introducing me to the Dominance Is Everything program. As you know, I attended your seminar this spring in Sparta, Wisconsin. I was so impressed with the seminar, that shortly thereafter; I invited you to my farm in Buffalo County Wisconsin for a One-On-One. It was at that point that I was extremely impressed with how you were able to analyze my property. Within the first hour you were able to pin point dominant buck rubs on my property and were able to locate the "King" within minutes thereafter. It was worth every penny that I paid to have you come out and assess my property.
As I recall, you picked out a dominant buck rub in the middle of my property and told me that the buck would be lying within 150 yards of this rub...we walked 100 yards and we jumped him and trailed him out through the rest of the property. You then pointed out the stand location and where I should set up for my hunt, which I followed exactly.
On the morning of Oct. 26, 2012, after setting up according to your instruction, I approached the scrape and was excited to see that the "king" had visited while I was away, and set up his own breeding scrape in front of a tree in excess of 8" in diameter, that was about 10 feet in front of my scrape. As I climbed into my stand I was excited to see the buck had found my scrape. I sat for the entire day until about 3:00 in the afternoon when 2 young does came in and bedded approx. 40 yards from my stand. A short time later, a pair of small yearling bucks walked down the same trail and scented the 2 does, they charged into the thicket and jumped the does up and began to chase them. It was at that moment that the "king" was disturbed. He was lying in the back of the thicket approx. 60 yards downwind from the scrape. I realized at that point he had been lying there all day, as you said he would be watching the D.I.E. scrape the entire time.
He walked stiff-legged up to the other bucks and then approached the scrape, as you predicted....the rest is history. I arrowed him and he ran approximately 150 yards and tipped over and I harvested my first DIE buck.
It worked out exactly according to your plan. I can't thank you enough. I am looking forward to using the same program in the other states that I hunt. I am totally sold on this program and the book and the One-On-One Private Seminar were worth every cent. I would recommend your program to anybody who is willing to put the time and effort into doing it right. If they follow your instructions I believe they will be successful in harvesting the buck of a lifetime."
Jerry DenBoer of Minnesota #15 in the world with D.I.E., Buck shot in Buffalo County WI

I have now heard from over 500 customers who praise my tactics as being the easiest means to kill a trophy buck on any land Oct - Jan. Only three bucks of 500 had broken antlers, 95% were older than 3.5 years. Over 90% were eligible for Pope and Young Record Books. Huge bucks are being shot the D.I.E. Way yet their owners will not put their photos or testimonials on my public website because they do not want you or any of their friends, or family members to know that the reason they got the buck was that they read my book and used a D.I.E. Scrape as directed. They brag about their bucks sure...but you will never know they shot it with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING unless they tell you.

We are D.I.E. HUNTERS! We are those who are hunted by kings! Join us.

You spend more than $50 on a dinner out, and you do not learn anything from it. My book will change the way you hunt, if you allow me to show you what deer think, what they want, and how to make the biggest racked bucks fight for the right to own the D.I.E. Scrape which you are invisibly guarding.

I used to not teach pro hunters, now I do at double the amateur hunter rates. Pros will profit from my knowledge in a monetary way. I feel if you profit by it, then I certainly should.

For the next few weeks I will check back here to see if someone has a question for me, but I will not be making this site my home. I am teaching from

I am not sponsored by any company at this time, and I am not influenced by any other person. My tactics are my own entirely.

The man that kept asking what is a DOMINANT BUCK? The answers are all in my book. I provided some of them here, you have to know his demeanor, know about his 35 yard bubble, and know why he does what he does, in order to know the king, what he looks like, and how he will behavior differently than other bucks so you will know he is king. Deer have rules to live by and the king is the enforcer of all the deer rules. Of course deer behavior can be predicted and so can their movements on a daily basis, but not with the knowledge that you have now. You need my knowledge to predict deer movements accurately. Those sorts of things are the topics of my future books. I would do videos, ebooks, and audio books if I was sponsored. I cannot afford to do all that at this point. I am one man, trying to share knowledge of deer and deer hunting with everyone for a small price or at your local library for free.

Thanks for allowing me to join this forum.

Bob J. Mercier
​Whitetail Deer Behavior Expert​
Trophy Buck Hunting Instructor

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Phone: (262) 719-2743

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Re: dominance is everything

Postby kellory » Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:52 pm

Self-aggrandizing crap. You can not hide 99% of human scent from a deer's nose, even under laboratory conditions. (Not unless you plan to stop breathing while hunting).
Claims of disappearing due to scent have been disproven time and time again, from scent-lock, and other products. Most of which are a waste of money.
You claim to know deer better than anyone else on earth(more or less). Because you camo head to foot. (No kidding, we all do, for the most part. But historical it had been proven to be for the benefit of human eyes more than deer. Hunting the wind has proven to be more effective than camo has ever been. It is movement that deer see best, due to the construction of their eyes, and placement. I've taken deer with no camo at all, and our forefathers did it while smoking, drinking, and not bathing for weeks on end. (It was not a common practice to bathe regularly).
I've read one post, and I'm already sick of the arrogance displayed.
This is the best teaching deer hunting site that exists (or it was, before being over run with spam). If you have something to teach, or something to learn, then stay and be welcome,
But so far, all I hear is a bag of wind looking for suckers to pay for the privilege of hearing hot air escape.

I would suggest, you try teaching your wisdom, and proving your worth, so someone might want more and buy your book.
As a life long hunter, I would under other circumstances, more forgiving, but I doubt anything less than the hammer and chisle method would make a dent in that ego.
The only real difference between a good tracker and a bad tracker is observation. All the same data is present for both. The rest is understanding what you are seeing.

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Re: dominance is everything

Postby rthomas4 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 5:41 pm

Just sounded like an advertisement trying to get people to buy the book by a blow hard who thinks he's an expert!
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Re: dominance is everything

Postby shaman » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:21 am

I've been reading up a little on D.I.E.

Bob, maybe you can help me. In you book sample, you talk about how bedding deer arrange themselves with the sub-dominant bucks on the upwind side of the does and the dominant buck on the downwind side. You give 3 basic templates

I've got 200 acres of fallow farmland in the Trans-Bluegrass of Kentucky. Deer density is fairly high. There are some monsters about. In fact the state record came from the next county over.

I was trying to apply what you were saying to about the 3 bedding areas. Here's my problem: I have 40 acres of pasture that I have been carefully nurturing as new bedding area for the deer, mostly by selective mowing. In some places I've had the hay dude round off corners of the pasture. In others, I've connected islands to form peninsulas. The result has been a lot of new bedding. When I take your diagrams and try to map them to known beds, I invariably get one group or the other mapping onto open pasture.

Now, do the doe like to pick beds that limit big bucks from bedding near them, or to the big bucks adjust and bed somewhere else, or what?
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