Spikes: To Shoot or Not to Shoot

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Re: Spikes: To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Postby RyanCGrover47 » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:52 am

KY Jim wrote:Would you rather have meat in the freezer or a rack on the wall? I'd rather feed my family venison.

Not concerned about venison, we've still got plenty of jars from last year & we'll probably shoot a couple of does to get the meat-hunting out of the way, so we can hunt for racks. However, a couple of buddies and myself are trying to start our own outdoor company(Racks N Straps Outdoors on facebook, add us.) :) we do 100% fair chase and we're just a couple good ol' boys trying to have a little extra fun. (Also I hope I'm not violating any like self-promotion rules. Apologies if I have) But it's all free, not like we're making a profit off of it in any way. We were actually planning on taking out a younger hunter and maybe letting them shoot it for their first buck. I don't see anything wrong in getting someone their first rack. Like someone earlier in the comments said: "unless you have 4,000 acres, management is out of the picture".(or something to that effect).

Thanks to everyone for your opinions. You've all been really helpful.

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Re: Spikes: To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Postby msbadger » Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:02 am

badgie: That deer has a nice rack but, what a little body! Don't you feed those poor deer in NYS?? ;)

LOL WW...I wish that were true....but me not being a small woman he was bigger than the pic shows next to me :roll: ....He's the only deer and....... I've shot several 8pts over the years..I had call a neighbor for help getting him out of the woods on a sled....But I'll tell ya this button buck....if he makes it may make that boy look tiny in a couple of years......
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