Calling using a can and a grunt

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Calling using a can and a grunt

Postby Whitetail Hunter » Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:33 am

So if I wanna hunt using the primos great BIG can and a grunt call, what is my best way to do it, and how often and how long of sequences, also not alot of mature bucks in area but what other call setup would you suggest?

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Re: Calling using a can and a grunt

Postby Jslotter » Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:11 pm

Call sparingly. I have the can also, and it works in certain situations. The grunt tube works too in certain situations. You really don't want to call out of nowhere when you see no deer around. When I see a buck out of bow range and he is walking away from me, or I know there is a deer nearby, but cannot tell if it's a buck or doe, I will either give snort wheeze, or a light 'burp' out of my grunt tube. If he doesn't here it, go louder until he hears it. A 'burp' type noise is all you need. If the deer is coming toward you, no need to make any noise, just let him come in closer. Sometimes a rutting buck will not care in the world if what is going on around him. The bucks hear grunting all the time in the woods too. So, they may not get excited right away. Once you get the buck's attention, don't move and don't call. Give him a few minutes to figure out what he wants to do. I seen bucks stand in one spot for several minutes after getting their attention. Then they either come to you, or they keep moving to where they are going. If they keep moving on and away from you, then they are not interested. If they come toward you, don't call him anymore, just let him get in close to check it out. Be careful, the buck will be full alert, so any movements you make the buck will see it, trust me, they will. Wait til he is looking away before you move. I have really never had success with the bleat can. I have actually attracted a few does with it, and no bucks. Good luck
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