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Postby gatodoc » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:35 pm

Spent several hours today setting 2 new stands...Drove 45 minutes to another site and moved and refurbished another stand...Sweated like a harlot in church, but decided to hunt the last hour of daylight since I was there...

Rather than get in the only stand I had there, I put on my leafy suit and set a chair in some high weeds next to a grassy strip in the pine thicket...

Stupid not to climb being so soiled but I was tired and only had an hour of daylight. Sure enough right before dark a doe stuck her head of of the pines 20 feet from me upwind (I thought). I didn't move a muscle praying she'd step out and graze so I could aim unnoticed. After about 10 sec. she screamed like a little girl and jumped into the grassy strip, ran 20 more feet stopped and looked back. I surmised she smelled me but hadn't seen me and was trying :D to pinpoint me.

I helped her out by raising my x-bow for a quick shot but she hollered again and flew.

Aw well, I knew better than to hunt (especially from the ground) smelling like a gym rat, but the look on that gal's face when she smelled me was almost worth the loss of a shot.

Kind of funny. Closest I've been to a deer all week and hadn't even really planned to hunt today...

hot tamale
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Re: Busted

Postby hot tamale » Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:39 am

Ive been busted so many times and loved every one of them. Not only are they funny and I find myself laughing about it, but they are also great learning experiences.
One time I got busted by a doe while sittin' in my stand waiting for a buck I had spotted about 200 yds away. she was what he was after but kept him at bay. I watched these two for about an hour. he'd get close and she'd scamper off a few yards and one time even kicked her hind legs at him.
as she came around the circle for the 3rd or 4th time, she stopped dead in her tracks-looked up at me and snorted loudly. Her head went up, then down-always keeping eye contact with me. she stopped her front hoof at me to get me to jump or react. I couldnt help but bust out laughing at the dating scene i was watching. Did I get that buck? not that day, but i will never forget that day because of the events that unfolded. I got busted and loved it. :D

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