Location device for hunters

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Re: Location device for hunters

Postby shaman » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:12 am

Well, not THAT complicated.

The point is that when we go out deer hunting and turkey hunting, we all do our best not to get anywhere near where the other guys are hunting:

1) We stay to the interior of the property. Yes, I've hunted fencelines before, but I shy away from that now. It's just so much safer to be where you are not going to get shot.
2) We mostly stick to static blinds and stands. I went around a number of years ago, and put out flags showing the direction to nearby stands. Everyone knows the general direction everyone else is relative to their stand.
3) We do not wander. We go where we are going to go and we go there by fairly predictable routes.
4) Most of our stand and blinds are deliberately situated not to interfere with each other and keep friendly fire problems down to a minimum.
5) We don't drive and we keep still hunting to a minimum. We rely on a lot of scouting to establish patterns of movement and let the deer come to us.

All this may be foreign to some guys. However, my situation was like this: When we got the place in 2001, it was kind of like everyone's favorite undeclared WMA. I've met people 250 miles from the farm that knew it intimately. The previous owners just did not care. Over a 5 year period, the local landowners started to crack down on the poaching, but the first few seasons were a bit hairy. During Turkey season in year 2, my son and I were shot at by a poacher while we were on the way to our blind. Same thing in 2006. In 2002 year I had a rifle round go over my head while I was walking between a shed and the house. The upshot of that was that we were always careful where we went. If I saw orange in the woods, I wanted to be sure it was not one of us. Our general area is hunted very intensely. I can hear 3 shot strings a minute in the first three hours of rifle season-- almost continuous shooting. Opening Day of Turkey Season can also be pretty intense.
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