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hot tamale
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Postby hot tamale » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:38 am

I went scouting this past weekend in the Nicolet National Forest--Forest County, WI.

One of my hunting group members was with me as we traveled down a fire lane in my truck. We came across another vehicle that was just sitting there blocking the trail so we backed up.
As they passed, the pulled the bills of their baseball style caps down and hid their faces behind the collars of their camo jackets.
My hunting partner and I both commented on the evasiveness of the two in the truck and noted the license plate #'s as well as the description of the trucks occupants and vehicle make, color, etc.
When we got to a clearing and the end of the fire lane, we got out to do some scouting. we noticed that there was steam rising out of a brushy area. Upon further investigation, we saw 4 deer skeletal remains along with the hides. These were still steaming in the 35 degree weather telling me that these were just shot and/or dressed out.
I did call the WDNR's TIPWDNR hotline # with the information we had on the vehicle. Even if these two people (I will not call you hunters or sportsmen since you have broken the law) did harvest these animals legally, they disposed of the remains illegally dumping them.

If I do come across your vehicle I will turn you in!!
I have no problem turning in people doing illegal things in the woods or on the water. There are limits and seasons for a reason-That is to assure for the continued health and longevity of the species. When people poach, these deer missing from the ecosystem not only do not get accounted for, but may very well disrupt the balance of an areas ability to reproduce and sustain a healthy herd.

It's not cool or even sporting!!!
A true sportsman is the person that does the right thing--even when nobody is looking!!!
You my friends are not sportsmen and if i catch you doing it again i will be turning you in again.
I do hope the DNR catches up with you and revokes your licenses forever as well as giving you hefty fines that will hurt your bank account if not wipe you out completely.
Yes I am dead serious. I dont think there is a fine stiff enough to get the bad apples like yourselves out of the deer woods.

I dont think i am the only one on this site that feels this way. True Hunters care about the wildlife that we harvest and are concerned about the future of these animals and our rights as hunters as well. Please stay out of the woods!!!

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Postby buckwild » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:15 pm

I have the tip line on speed dial. Haven't had reason to use it yet, but won't hesitate...

Got the plate # from the truck? I'd be interested in an update should one become available.
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