converted another to ground poundin

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converted another to ground poundin

Postby luvhuntin » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:21 pm

Saturday afternoons hunt was a crapshoot weather was awful for hunting (low 60`s ) but a decent breeze that laid down at 4 or so.

Well my buddy I was with decided to sit under a very large cedar tree that for the first 3 to 4 ft up were either dead or nipped off. great spot! It`s next to a north south creek that has a good washout running west to east into it. the cedar is right at the connecting point of the two, about 4:30 he decides to lay into his grunt call. (to get his disgust of a slow day hunting out mainly) ten minutes after this constipated grunt sequence a unicorn buck comes up this washout from behind him ducks his head & walks under the cedar and stands so close to him he could have stabbed the deer with his knife! and he stood there for about a minute which is an eternity. The whole time this guys heart is beating so hard he thought it was going to stop! I got a good look at him myself from the ladder stand I was in 5 minutes later. his fur was still red not grayed out like normal and a huge deer for whatever his young age is. I almost shot at him because i thought he was a huge doe but he took a right when i needed him to go left or straight. Thank goodness! he needs many more years to grow and spread his healthy genetics. I dare say beers on nights like that seem to be even more refreshing with the stories of the day being told.

I bet he`s already told that story 200 times to anyone who would listen. and on the way out everything looked like a good spot to plant a chair!

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