Lease or buy hunting land??

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Lease or buy hunting land??

Postby Imorr5141 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:07 pm

I have been think a lot about buying a chunk of land to hunt. I'm just wondering what would be better, lease or buy. If I buy land I won't be living in it and that leads to the problem I would have to keep flying or driving out to plant food plot or hunt. If I lease I would still have to drive but I guess I won't worry about food plots. What is everyone's thoughts or opinions?? Thanks for the help

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Re: Lease or buy hunting land??

Postby Woods Walker » Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:17 pm

Well I said this on the other thread about hunting land, and I'll say it again here. Right now, I would not buy ANYTHING of a speculative nature unless I was prepared to not make any money on it down the road, because we have NO IDEA of what's "down the road".

If you can afford to possibly take a financial bath on it when and if you do sell it then go for it. But right now real estate is NOT a good investment. Yes, you can buy it cheap, but "cheap" is a relative term, and the person you may sell it to down the road may ALSO be buying it "cheap"....for him, not you.

I'd stick with a lease. You can many times design them so that you have a lot of the same freedom that you'd have if you owned it, but not the risk, and right now the risk is HUGE.
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