Electronic Deer Calls

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Electronic Deer Calls

Postby Wanderer » Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:34 am

I was down at the local hardware/sporting goods store last week and looked at the Primos electronic can calls. They look kinda like the regular can calls but all you do is push a button on the top of them and they emit the "bleat" or "roar" or whatever. They also had the regular can calls and after playing with both, I'd have to say that they sound identical. OK, it's against the law to use electronic calls for deer here in Indiana. The regulations state:
Infrared Sensors/Electronic Deer Calls
The use of infrared sensors or electronic deer calls to locate or take deer is illegal. It is also illegal to hunt or to retrieve deer with the aid of an infrared sensor or to hunt deer while
possessing an electronic deer call.

My question would be, why are the electronic calls illegal if the non-electronic calls sound exactly the same? (I hesitate to ask this question of the DNR, lest they also outlaw regular calls.) Does anybody know what the supposed logic is for a ban like this? Do any states allow electronic calls? I know Alabama did not allow the use of electronic calls for anything other than predators and crows.

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RE: Electronic Deer Calls

Postby shaman » Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:29 am

I guess they have to draw the line somewhere.  Kentucky is the same way. One thing an electronic call does is open things up for extreme misuse.  Imagine some nimrod walking through a local WMA with one of those, pressing the button every few seconds, and thinking it's the way to hunt deer because it worked on his PS2.

You have to ask:  why is it okay for coyote, but not for deer or turkey?
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