Growing Up With Guns....

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Re: Growing Up With Guns....

Postby Wanderer » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:07 am

I remember, back in grade school, taking a 37 mm anti tank shell to school for "Show & Tell" . The shell was a dummy round used for practice in handling the rounds and loading them into the gun. There was no powder in the casing and no primer. A bolt attached the projectile to the shell. All I knew was that my dad brought two of these home when WWII was over and I thought that it was cool beyond belief. Most of the boys in my class agreed. The fact that my dad was a medic and didn't even carry a gun during the war never entered my mind. This was history and it needed to be shared with all. This was back in the early 50's in Milwaukee,WI. I remember walking across the playground carrying that thing just as proud as I could be. Today I'd probably be imprisoned for having an empty casing in my pocket. Different times for sure. I love Steve's piece on growing up with guns. The "holding a bolt action rifle shortly after President Kennedy was assassinated with a bolt action rifle" really hit me. Back then we blamed the individual for his actions...not the weapon that he used to commit the crime .


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