IL Sen Durbin: 10 Rounds "Generous"

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Re: IL Sen Durbin: 10 Rounds "Generous"

Postby kellory » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:12 pm

JPH wrote:No. I mean it is chilling because you see rights as coming from God but you think was perfectly reasonable for the militia to have killed human beings, fighting for freedom, as though they were cattle!!!!!!!!!!! I'm afraid to ask how you think God hands out rights, and to whom.
I stated History, nothing more.

This is the problem with too many on the pro-gun side. They are so wrapped up in the 2A that they lose sight of all human consideration. These are the same people who hate mass shootings because they might result in the loss of GUNS, not the loss of LIFE! knee-jerk legislation is the norm, not the exception.

I get it Kellory, you are the militia. You are ready to go to war with the bad guys who are coming to take your rights, or kill escaped "cattle", or shoot down drones, or whatever. I get that.Assumptions not based in fact. Possible. I will only be push so far, and no farther, just as any other man. But the history of the militia is more than Lexington and Concord. Sometimes the militia has been in pretty severe need of "regulation". Militia is the Sand Creek massacre, Mississippi burning, Watts, and Oaklahoma City.History is not always pretty to look at, but it will not change to suit your moods. What is, IS. deal with it, learn from it If the militia is all of us, might it also be Aurora and Sandy Hook too?Fantasyland. Though if a single CCW were present, the shooter would have been stopped much faster, with much less loss of life. Gun Free Zones kill. Maybe?
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