Are there any real whitetail trohpy hunters left !

What's the hunt looking like this year in your area? Share!
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Re: Are there any real whitetail trohpy hunters left !

Postby HuntingFool94 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:18 pm

Shaman posted: However, you're not going to tell me these deer are tame. They just know us better than we do. I can be out for a 5 hour sit in my stand 3/4 of a mile from the house and see nothing, walk in and find a huge deer print smack dab in the middle of one of my boot prints less than 50 yards from the house.

Reminds me of a hunt with my wife in WI near the Dells - all morning in cold nasty weather with no deer spotted we return to our leased condo in town for lunch and a warmup and 2 blocks away see 6 deer on a front lawn grazing - next morning at 4:30 AM driving out and see 4 deer crossing the condo parking lot. All these deer were quite wild and knew where to be during WI gun season! We never filled a tag on that hunt but have a great memory that we still laugh about years later - that is hunting!!!
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Re: Are there any real whitetail trohpy hunters left !

Postby HuntingFool94 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:59 pm

The OP took a crack at Midwest hunters - I have hunted in IL,WI, MI for 30 years - public land, private land, leased land.
Yep - we hunt over food plots - most residents though call them farm fields.
Yep - we get large deer populations cause there are a lot of these farm fields here and they feed lots of deer - much better for deer hunting than the old growth forested deer deserts that the "educated" environmentalists seem to force public lands into.
Yep - civilization here in the Midwest has created a lot of roads that divide the farm fields and woods, so most hunting is done on small properties of generally about 100 acres or less. Never really have to walk far to hunt and never have to worry about getting lost either. There really is nowhere here to actually tramp 20 miles a day hunting.
Yep - the deer around here are "Tame" - I can pretty much see deer every single day on the property I hunt (leased because I live in an urban jungle). Except these "Tame" deer seem to figure out real quick when hunting season starts and vanish!
Yep - I enjoy every deer season here in the Midwest, some may think it is easier than other locations or believe there is a Super Buck behind every tree - but I don't worry too much about opinions - I hunt what I have the opportunity to hunt. It really is all about hunting. You hunt your way - I hunt mine cause I live here and that is the way it is.
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Re: Are there any real whitetail trohpy hunters left !

Postby HuntingFool94 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:02 pm

I have hunted all types of scenarios - some really rough thick stuff where you have to use a bait pile (Canada bears, swamp deer and hogs) or you will sit till you die before shooting anything. I have hunted hogs with dogs - not easy keeping up and then shooting a full out running hog while gasping for breath.
I have hunted high fence places as the DNR dictates that the game animal I am after cannot be allowed to be free range in that state (blackbuck, axis deer, hogs, buffalo) I still enjoy the trophy and have been able to fill the freezer with excellent meat at a much reduced cost compared to hunting these animals where they are free range (it also provides table fare other than the normal deer/pheasant).
I also hunt farm raised pheasant at a club - taste as good as SD birds,much cheaper than traveling out there, and the shooting is still fun and challenging.
I hunt leased land in IL - and everywhere in this state the deer feast on a bonanza of farm crops - they are free range - some years I see deer and kill em - other years I do not. All the lease does is give me access to hunt - I still have to have hunting skills to actually kill the deer. I also make it a point to invite friends who do not have such an opportunity to hunt with me (example: my friend's 11 yr old son shot a nice 8 pt on my lease - his first buck. My buck that year was a small 6 pt - still tasted good and I celebrated big time with boy, he has a cherished memory and will continue to hunt which means more to me than any of my hunts)

Main thing is, I enjoy every opportunity I have to hunt, no matter how the hunt is conducted I still thank God for the bounty and opportunity he has provided.
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Re: Are there any real whitetail trohpy hunters left !

Postby mhouck06 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:19 pm

tomtana59911 wrote:I just saw a hunting show where Jim zumbo and Lee Lakoski where hunting on a ranch in New mexico and they were sitting at the breakfast table and to make a long story short Jim says to lee "you have shot more big bulls than I ever have" I about fell on the floor !Lee hunts the best ranches in the world and Jim bows to him WTF Jim has always been a real hunter usually hunting remote public land .
Which brings me to a point.Is there any real whitetail hunters out there that dont hunt private land over food plots out of enclosed huts etc,,etc.It realy saddens me to see the real art is lost.Theres still a few great ones ot there,for example the Benoit family out of VT.I have no respect for someone who hunts private land bucks that are corn fattened and no one else has access to,I guess its ok to hunt that way but I would be ashamed to have my pic put in a paper or magazine with one.
the guy with a bunch of 140-150 class bucks shot on public land has ten times more to be proud of than Stan potts has with all his corn fed pets ! Yet guys like Stan get all the fame and ink.Wilderness bucks are the ultimate survivers getting old and wise by eating twigs and mosss,often taking 6-7 yrs to reach their prime espscially in areas where they evade large predators every day(and night) such as wolves, grizzlies, mountain lions etc.In the area I live I cant figure out how they do it when predator counts are through th roof !!!!!!
I dont have any real giants on my wall yet just a bunch of great bucks with even better memories all shot on land that any one of you can come hunt.If there is any other true wilderness public land hunters out there I would love to here from you here and see some of your bucks.
I figure this will raise some hairs but oh well :roll:

Only thing I'll say is I have hunted PA, OH, IN, and MD for whitetail. Public land hunts, fortunate enough to harvest a buck in each state. Lots of hard work went into each hunt.
I have never hunted any of the type of private land you speak of... but I would love to. I dont look down on any other hunters for hunting different ways than I do. I love DIY hunts in other states. Would I pass up an opportunity to hunt upressured land... heck no.. I would love to see what thats like. Until then, I'll keep doing what I'm doing.. Hopefully hunting PA OH IN and KY this year.
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Re: Are there any real whitetail trohpy hunters left !

Postby bkuhn » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:09 am

tomtana59911 wrote:Kinda thought I would rattle some feathers !I do agree with the fact that hunting the swamps would be tough and dangerous ,probably more dangerous than hunting with grizzlies ,wolves and cats like we do here! but my post is more pointed toward the midwest.At what point do the deer become almost tame when thy are habituated to food plots.As far as the coment on the rut I agree in a lot of places they shouldnt hunt during the rut,But here and in places like Maine where deer densities can be under 8 deer per square mile a deer camp with 20 guys in it couldnt kill a good buck.
I love the fact that I get to hunt giant wild bucks that simply have never been seen or captured on film or havnt been filmed more than brad pitt I tried hunting the midwest (wisconson) just wasnt for me.Although it was kinda nice walking in 400 yards to a stand instead of 1 mile in the dark in grizzly country with a stand on your back.
The fact is in the midwest I believe its who has access to the best places will kill the biggest bucks .And as far as the comment on On Your Own Adventures, dude those guys probably walk more in one day than most do in a season.I also hunt elk with a bow and a 20 mile day walking is not at all unheard of and I feel the same way about them thats what started this post.
so if any of you wildreness guys have some great bucks on the wall I was hoping to see some pics please even if they are bucks the farm guys would scoff at.

didn't hesitate to kill that buck with a rifle though , this is a joke

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Re: Are there any real whitetail trohpy hunters left !

Postby Bowriter » Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:23 pm

Oh crap! I've been on hunts with Zumbo that were more like barrel shoots and some that were pretty wild. So far as I can tell, all his hunts this year have been on private land except for when he was hunting more food at the banquet table. :).

I have been a trophy hunter and hunted both public and private land. However, I did do all my own scouting and stand placement. Now, I pay no attention to antlers at all and just hunt private land here around the house and shoot whatever I want. I have hunted over bait (3-times) and behind a high fence twice. No big deal, just don't do it anymore and didn't much like it when I did. I have been on dog hunts that were the most exciting hunts I have ever been on. I am primarily a bow hunter, been on TV and made videos. Hunted elk, moose caribou, bear and all that stuff. probably killed over 400-deer, many on public land. So what?

It is all hunting and some of it on TV today makes me puke. However, I have an off button and know how to use it..



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