Who's In Charge Here?

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Re: Who's In Charge Here?

Postby MZS » Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:26 am

rthomas4 wrote:MZS, you sound like you use the cell phone about as often as I do. I'm supposed to have one with me at all times according to Doctor's orders, but usually it's in my truck and never turned on. I'm not much for telephone conversations, and don't understand texting, or using the phone for anything other than a necessary means of communication. Mine does come in handy for the built in camera, when my regular cameras batteries have died. Other than that I'm not going to pay extra fees to the Verizon for any of the add on apps, and crap that's available. It even irks me, when people send me a text that I have to pay for! No way I'd invest in one of those new fangled "smart phones", since I'm not smart enough to figure out how to operate the damn thing!
I guess, some of us, especially those of us who remember party lines and ring tones for different house holds, don't have much use for these modern day telephones and the technology that goes with 'em. Hell, it took me long enough to get used to using a computer, and thankfully I already knew how to type from the old days of using a Remington type writer that had to have the ribbon changed every so often.

The smartest thing about "smart" phones is how they are making service providers boat-loads of money. I will pass. Laptops and their keyboards and mouse pads drive me nuts - working with an area the size of a large matchbook cover on a smart phone would push me over the edge. I will take my giant monitor and keyboard in my office. And my $8/mo cell phone, if I can remember it (or find it). And if I am not "connected" via my office desk all my waking hours, I think perhaps that is a good thing.


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