Freak Deer

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Freak Deer

Postby Wild Card » Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:44 pm

I was hunting in Star Texas where I have hunted for the last 15 years at the Hand H Semminal Ranch. It is a cattle ranch that site on 550 acres. The pastures are open range for cattle and 3/4 of the surrounding is tree lines. The outer edges of the property have hilltops, that is where I like to hunt because the deer love the cover and they move throughout the day. The second day of the season, I was on top of the mountain, that’s what we call it, in a stand watching a four pointer chase a doe in heat while an 8 point was chasing them. The popped in and out of openings but I could never get a clear shot. Before I got in the stand, I added some corn under the feeder. I also desided to perform an experiment with some Buck Candy. I added the Buck Candy to a hog trap in the background and added three plate size portions on the ground half way between the feeder and hog trap to see if I could get a deer to stop long enough for a shot.

While I was watching and moving my gun from window to window, I looked to the left and there was a huge deer standing where I had placed my corn. I guess he got some of the Deer Candy up his nose because he was sneezing. I moved my gun to the window and before he could take two steps back into the woods, I fired a shot and he dropped. I was so excited because the first day I left my ammo at home, borrowed a rifle from and fried that fogged up in his trailer and missed a 250 lb hog and big doe opening morning.

I finally went to see my deer and was surprised at what I was looking at. It took a couple of minutes to understand what I was seeing. His horns looked funny because both base beams had grown together and there was a Brow Palm like Caribou have between the uprights.

I went back to my stand, pondered what I had seen and was wondering what the heck I had shot, was it a crossbreed, some type of exotic, an inbreed? As dark approached I shot one of two 250 lb hogs that were under the feeder. It made for quite an interesting hunt. I texted my buddies and told them I had shot a unicorn. They thought I was joking so I told them a Lepricon was riding on his back but got away.

I arrived at the camp where several hunters looked in disbelief, he really only had one base beam. We noticed he had experienced a broken leg at some point in time that was about 3-1/2" in diameter. Another group of hunters arrived to swap stories and explained, "When a deer gets a broken bone, it causes his horns to grow funny." I had never heard this.

When I returned home, I followed up by trying to get a Boone and Crockett Scorer to score him but found out they consider him a Freak Deer and said they could not measure him or three horned deer because they are both considered Freaks. I took him to the Taxidermist and he had never seen one quite like this. I showed pictures to all my friends and to the meat processes which also do taxidermy and in 40 years, they never had a deer come in their shop that looked like him.

I am one of those guys that like the biggest and badest toys just like every other guy, but I'm not the guy that likes to have what everyone else has, it loses its appeal. I have several horns on the wall and they are nice. I have many friends with Huge Racks and they are cool but none of my friends have or will ever have a Deer like this one so I am having him mounted and when I get him back, I am going to see if I can loan him to someone like the Bass Pro Shop or something similar, so he can be appreciated for the deer he is.

I really never thought much about it at the time I shot him and should have posed for pictures. I did get some good pics and before I took him to the Taxidermist I pulled him out for some close ups and created a Picture Video and posted him on YouTube.

If you would like to check him out, here is the link, or you can search 9 Point Unicorn.

I appreciate anyone that has read this far and hope, if you look, you enjoy my Unicorn.

Danny Anderson,
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Re: Freak Deer

Postby 1911p » Thu Nov 21, 2013 5:17 pm

Interesting story. I've seen some bucks that had oddly shaped racks, I think it's the result of them sparring while still in velvet.

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Re: Freak Deer

Postby rthomas4 » Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:56 am

I've seen a lot of odd racks over the years, and usually they have been attributed to a broken leg or another injury that they managed to recover from. This one appears to have damaged the pedicels at some point. It would be interesting if someone had ever found any sheds to see if this had occurred and if the sheds were also "unicorn".

I've never been able to afford to have a mount done; but, in this case I'd definitely find a way to have a taxidermist mount this one!
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Re: Freak Deer

Postby Wild Card » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:31 am

I wondered what he looked like after he shed his horns. Would he have a 11-1/4" spot on his he for a while? If so I imagine that looks pretty weird. Sorry, I tried to add a quick picture but it was way to large.

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