Camo Questions

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Camo Questions

Postby CleanShot » Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:28 pm


It's my first year hunting and I bought some cheapie camo bib from Cabela's and IGI Gear jacket while they were running a sale. It's now late season and I've learned the errors of my ways. First the Cabela's bib is just horrible and it isn't waterproof or windproof at all. I thought the IGI Gear jacket both was but my friend who has the same jacket let me in on the fact that they don't stay dry for long in the rain (say after an hour). So naturally 3 months after I bought my first set of camo I'm in the market for more.

I was debating a couple of things one of the following:
1) Frogg Togg Suit (already purchased for $50)
2) ScentBlocker RainBlocker Jacket/Pants (already purchased for $100 for both)
3) Cabela's Silent Suede 4 in 1 Jacket (to be purchased for $130)
4) Cabela's MT050 7 in 1 Parka (to be purchased for $260)

I purchased the first two items already because I got them on sale and I can return them any time. I was thinking of just keeping one of them and then buying nicer stuff at the end of the season when the sales go on. However the jacket and bib I have now aren't very heavy for the late season but I think I can just layer instead of getting something that's too heavy. With layering I've learned that whatever it is needs to be a zip up so it can go over what I'm wearing while my harness is attached to a tree. The two jackets seem like a nice alternative since you can add layers as needed but they leave me without waterproof/windproof pants.

I was wondering why people had so much camo when I started by I'm quickly learning that it's hard to find something that is designed well without spending a fortune on Sitka/Kuiu or some other expensive brand. Because I'm new to hunting I have a ton of things to buy and I don't want to go crazy on camo and run my funds out for buying a new shotgun.

Any advice would be helpful.


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Re: Camo Questions

Postby Retranger » Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:38 pm

This is my opinion and many folks will disagree with me. :P I do have camo (2shirts and 2pants) but will not buy any more. Don't believe you really need camo to hunt deer or any wildlife,,,,, more important to break up your outline, blend in to your surroundings and be very careful of movement. Use the wrong camo pattern you may as well leave it home. The grass pattern camo for duck hunting will not work in an evergreen forest. Before camo came out hunters wore green or red and they harvested just as many and just as big deer that we do today. I am not sold on all the gadgets they have on the market today for the hunter to spend their money on. I prefer a good weapon, a good pack to carry essentials in such as map, compass, lunch or snack foods, water etc. You learned quickly on clothing,,, layering is the way to go and many of the fleece products today are wind proof. I have a couple and now wouldn't by fleece that wasn't. Pants,,,,I have the MT 50 rain coat and pants and they worked well for me as an outside layer. Good luck to you.

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Re: Camo Questions

Postby kellory » Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:45 pm

Best advice I can give you on camo is ignore anything that says scent-lock or activated charcoal. First, it doesn't work, second, it is highly expensive, third, no matter what they say, it can NOT be reactivated when full/dirty without temps high enough to incinerate the clothing. Don't waste your money. If you can return it, great!
Slot of guys are using goretex.. But I will let them give their own recommendations.

As to camo patterns, the best pattern is a matter of personal choice, but studies show a mix of patterns is truly the best at breaking up your shape.
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Re: Camo Questions

Postby Woods Walker » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:43 pm

1. Camo color is unimportant. What's important is CONTRAST. Shaman posted this website a few years ago and it's dead on for giving you an idea of how various kinds of camo appear to a deer or any other colorblind animal. ... simulator/

You can upload any picture you like and then click on red-blind Protanopia and then green-blind Deuteranopia. This will give you a pretty good idea of how deer and other ungulates actually see color. Bottom line? Specific color doesn't really matter much. It's PATTERN and CONTRAST more than anything that determines how effective any camo is (that is, provided you don't move or shine, if you do then NOTHING will prevent you from being seen by deer!)

As far as clothing goes, for cool to cold weather I go with WOOL. It's quiet, the fuzzy fibers in wool absorb rather than reflect light like a smooth fabric does so it will not shine, and best of all it's WARM, even when wet.

Now, this is my bias, but if you really want the ultimate in camo, then a ghillie suit is the way to go. I've been using one for about 8 years now and the experiences I've had as far as getting REAL close to deer and having them look right at me and then past me with no idea of what I am are common and quite frankly STILL unbelievable to me.
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Re: Camo Questions

Postby Sierra » Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:25 am

Well what's really important is how warm you are. Layering is important because if it warms up and you're dressed for 10 degrees, you're going to sweat, especially coming to and from your stand. I bought some military polypro long underwear shirt and pants that are wonderful. I wear those then layer up. Last year my camo pants were not warm, so I used them as an exterior layer and wore pants underneath. My coat is also not rated for super cold weather, but I can add or take off layers as needed. I am sure other people are the same, but it's a deal breaker if I am cold, especially hands and feet. I spent money on gloves, no skimping there because cold hands sent me home one day. I have fleece lined neoprene gloves. My next purchase is thermal hunting boots so I can stop relying on foot warmers. :-)

As for the pattern, I happen to have Mossy Oak, but I am not picky, it just worked out that most of my camo is that pattern.
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Re: Camo Questions

Postby MZS » Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:39 am

Anybody look into extra dark? Seems that darker is better, especially if you can get behind some natural cover.

I am working on a home-made ghillie suit of sorts to retrofit over my blaze orange and still meet legal requirements. And a full ghillie suit for archery is for sure something I would like to get.

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Re: Camo Questions

Postby 1911p » Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:51 am

Camo is for humans to hide from other humans.

The DGIF here in Virginia did a study on blaze orange and how it affected deer. To make a long story short, they determined that deer can't see blaze orange, and that your shape will give you away quicker than your color.

You do better wearing a blaze orange chicken suit or ghillie than you would camo clothing, since it's the outline of the human figure that spooks game. That and movement, not to mention human odors. Eliminate your odors, soap, after shave, detergents, toothpaste, smoke, fuel/oil, anything that isn't organic and found in the woods, and break up your outline so you blend with the woods, and you'll be as camo'ed as you need to be.

Odors are one of the biggest problems you'll have, there are so many odors that we get on use everyday, it's difficult to avoid them, just normal contact with other people is enough to contaminate you. Your wife's perfume, the stuff she uses on the carpets, air fresheners, laundry detergent, the little pine tree on your rear view mirror, the list goes on and on.

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Re: Camo Questions

Postby rthomas4 » Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:52 pm

Camo just happens to be my favorite color, and camo hunting gear is what I can find that's the warmest clothing. I happen to have camo bedding and curtains in my house and a camo toilet seat in my bathroom. As for the brand and patterns, whatever is on sale or the cheapest whenever I need something new. BTW, I wear or have something camo in my wardrobe every day, even if it's just my wallet and my belt. I'd love to have camo upholstery and trim on my truck; but can't afford it.
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Re: Camo Questions

Postby northms » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:23 pm

New to the forum here. Good to talk with fellas like myself.

My thought on camo is what a few others have mentioned. Don't need the expensive stuff to kill deer. Scent lock stuff is a shame in my opinion and just hunt the wind if you can help it. Save your money for other equipment like the gun you were talking about. I've hunted with the walmart brands and other reasonably priced stuff my whole life.
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Re: Camo Questions

Postby shaman » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:32 pm

Look, I'm not going to argue about the efficacy of camo in deer hunting. It helps. However, having said that, let me also say that I have taken a fair number of deer either in doe-brown Carharts or this:


At this point, I could smugly announce the case was closed. Even if you factor in the deer's red color blindness, the clown suit still comes out a funky muted yellow. A blob like that in the woods stands out, no matter what.

What I can say is that any old camo will work. Muted splotchy stuff seems to work best. When I was bow hunting, my most effective camo was a poncho that looked like this:

I took my first deer under that poncho with navy work coat underneath. I took every (he thinks again) Yep, every bow killed buck under that poncho. I've been on the ground, 3 feet away from a doe, and took her kid brother at 5 yards with a bow wearing that poncho.

(and why that deer was wearing a poncho I'll never know!)

Digital? Any new hunting camo that is digital is strictly there to sell you, not the deer. The older military patterns are just as good as the new fancy 4D patterns. Flecktar, Woodland, Alpinflage, DPM? They all work great. The only problem is most of the old cheap surplus stuff is gone the way of the $30 M1 Carbine.

Pay attention to what's underneath. A good warm jacket and bibs that are rain proof and will keep you warm should be where your mind is at. Frankly, any insulated bibs and parka I've seen at Walmart for $50 or so is just fine for my use. I add extra layers as needed.

BTW: I just scored 2 pair of uninsulated camo bibs from Wing Supply for $35 each. They showed up yesterday. I forget the pattern-- some fairly new sticks and leaves thing. The nice thing is that I can use these early season, and then wear them out to the stand when it gets cold and then climb into my insulated clown suit once I'm in the stand. They're 100% cotton so I can throw them in the wash with the sodium bicarb.
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