Bad shot placement

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washington nick
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Bad shot placement

Postby washington nick » Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:51 pm

I recently was now hunting and had a shot at 20 yards of a buck slightly quartering away. After releasing he jump and bolted about 30 yards and stopped behind some cover. To my surprise when running I saw the arrow sticking out mid hip, he threw the arrow after 20 yards and after I saw blood mid thigh. I gave him some time then trailed till dark. The blood went from smaller spots when it looked like he stopped to just a trickle or nothing at times. Lost the trail and picked it up several times. He seemed to have no trouble going up steep terrain or thick cover. I lost the trail when he seemed to circle only small drops every now and then. Rained that night, but looked all next morning. Felt horrible, I'm extremely confident at that distance and must of hit a small branch I did not see. Think he will recover, from the shot? Thanks for any input

washington nick
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Re: Bad shot placement

Postby washington nick » Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:53 pm

Meant bow

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Re: Bad shot placement

Postby 1911p » Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:58 pm

Most likely he'll recover. I once killed a 9 point buck that had several rifle wounds through it's hind quarters, and had also been shot in the broad side by a shotgun. The shotgun was probably from the previous year or the year before that, the rifle wounds were from the week before(I knew the guy that caused them), but they had healed very well in a weeks time.

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Re: Bad shot placement

Postby Woods Walker » Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:47 pm

Couple of points here.....

1. There's really only one place on the hindquarter that is a vitally fatal shot and that's the femoral artery, which you DIDN'T hit BTW, because he'd of been dead in short order and you'd have had a blood trail that a blind man could follow.

(Side bar here......This is why purposely aiming for the femoral artery is NOT a good shot choice because you either kill them dead, or if you are an inch off you have what you just did.)

2. Now, I have seen rear leg shots that did cause death, but by secondary factors like gangrene. These shots were with firearms however. Bullet/slug wounds cause MASSIVE tissue damage/destruction which can easily infect and decay. Not a good death at all if they are not in the vitals. ones....cause a relatively "clean" wound which are much easier for a deer to recover from if the point of impact was not in a vital area. I've seen and gutted a few deer that had old entire broadheads still in them that just cysted over.

What you can do from this experience is LEARN all you can from it. There's not one of us here that's hunted a lot that hasn't had similar experiences. Every track I go on whether it's from a deer that I hit or a friends I consider to be an educational opportunity that can be had nowhere else. Not in books, or video or even in cyberspace!

I've been hunting deer for 45 years and have lived "right in amongst 'em" for the past 24, and even with all that I can honestly say that the vast majority by far of what I know about them I learned from tracking them.

Good luck in all of your future hunts and don't ever hesitate to ask us anything. We don't know it all for sure but we're more than willing to share what we do.
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