Pest Control

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Pest Control

Postby Deebz » Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:37 am

I was out working in the garden at my in-laws this weekend and noticed a HUGE overabundance of ground squirrels in the yard and cattle pasture. I know they are good for the ecosystem, but there were just too many. They had several holes dug that were beginning to get to the break an ankle walking through the yard the pasture where they keep their herd bull and show calves had several REALLY big holes.

After I was done tilling the garden I grabbed my .22 and a handful of shells and went to work. I was pretty proud of myself for an open sight rifle out to about 50 yards for the longest shot. There are 4 in this pic, but I did kill another later on to make it 5 total.
ground squirrels.jpg
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