EPIC camera by Stealth Cam

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EPIC camera by Stealth Cam

Postby fasteddie » Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:01 pm

My wife bought me an EPIC camera for Christmas . I thought it would be great . I have played around with the camera a little and I am not impressed . I would have thought there would be better quality for $150 . I fastened the camera to the stabilizer and shot it in the basement but even with the lights on , the pic quality was poor .
I attached the "hat clip" on it late this afternoon and tried it out filming a little outside . It took some experimenting to get it adjusted right on the cap . You cannot see the controls when it is on the cap brim and you cannot be 100% sure that the camera when you reach up to push the button . If it is on the stabilizer , you have to make sure you keep your bow arm up after completion of the shot . It only has 2X magnification .
When the weather gets a bit warmer i'll try shooting my bow outside with the EPIC cam mounted . My bow is fairly quiet but the camera picks up the sound and resonates it so when I play it back on the computer , it sounds like a 22 being fired .
More later ........ gotta do some more experimenting !  
Semper Fi !

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