What's the hunt looking like this year in your area? Share!
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Massdeer, my prospective might interest you. I'm a little out of the ordinary in that I started hunting a couple years ago and I'm in my mid-forties. I don't come from a family that has a hunting tradition. So I had to learn this stuff on my own, and DVDs definitely helped. It gave me a chance to see the movement and behavior of the deer, and to effectively be with other hunters and see how the acted. People who have hunted their whole lives don't know what it's like to know absolutely nothing. So you gain a hunger for any form of information, and dvds and forums are part of that. And for me it worked. I've been patient as deer come within range of my stand, and I've been completely calm as the event unfolds. I'd like to think  it's because I've seen it through another hunter's eyes in the dvd. I can't give you a comparison of what dvds are good or back, but I like the 'Primos' series of dvds on bow hunting deer.


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