Your Most Memorable Moment

What's the hunt looking like this year in your area? Share!
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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby rweyman » Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:49 am

Ron, 39, N. Ky, I've had alot of memorable hunts that i've personaly experienced, but i'd have to say that my most memorable would have to have been when i was about 25 and i heard a shot ring out from the next ridge and then to see my Dad, who was at the time about 61 years old, walking to get me because he had finally got his first buck after hunting in Ky since they opened deer hunting in the state. He had taught my 3 older brothers and me about hunting but had always put us in the spots that he would like to hunt and put himself second. We all were rewarded from whad he did but to finally see him take that deer and see the smile on his face was way over the top of any of my own memories.

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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby 69Viking » Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:56 am

Name: Scott
Age: 39
Location: Live in Fort Walton Beach, FL, hunt in SW Alabama in northern Conecuh County

Since this is my fifth year hunting this one is pretty easy for me.  Deer season in AL ends Jan. 31.  Two years ago it was the morning of Jan. 30th and my last chance to hunt.  Everyone else I hunted with had gone home the day before.  I stayed one extra day using my last day of vacation.  So far after several trips hunting I hadn't seen a deer to even get a shot at. 

It was 7 am and a cold morning by Alabama standards, mid 20's.  I'm hunting two food plots (green fields) to the left and right of my stand that covers an area 75-200 yards away.  I look up to the field on the right and see a beautiful Doe about 100 yards out.  She's of good size and broadside.  Since I only had about 3 more hours to hunt before I had to head home I decided to take her and not worry whether a buck was following.  I took the shot and for some reason my shot went hi hitting her in the spine in the middle of the back.  Back legs wouldn't work, she was trying to crawl out of the field.  I had to quickly get down to her and shoot her again to finish her off, I hate to see deer suffer.  I always pride myself in making a good clean shot.  My second shot rang out at about 7:15 am and finishes her off.  I drag her out of the field around the corner to one of our 4-wheeler trails and think how great it is that I got a deer on my last hunt of the year, I didn't get skunked!

Since I hadn't finished my morning coffee (Mountain Dew) I decide to go back up in the stand and finish it and pack my things up.  I would then go back to the camp and get the Ez-Go to haul her out.  This is when things get even better.  I've finished my Dew and packed things up and decide it's time to go, it's 8 am.  As I lift my gun up to leave I take one last look out to the fields.  I can't believe my eyes, in the exact location I shot the doe a buck comes out and turns away from me and goes to the end of the field, turns broadside to me and grazes on the rye grass.  His rack looks rough, like it's been beat up but he's got good mass and a thick neck.  This was my 3rd year hunting and the biggest deer I had shot up until then was a 3 point.  I decide to put my Marlin 30-30 to the test with the new Hornady LeveRevolution bullets I just started using.  The buck is out 175 yards, I take the shot and the buck just drops in his tracks.  He didn't jump or take a single step.  I'm amazed, after hitting that doe in the spine I've hit this buck perfectly through the heart.

It turns out he's only a 6 point with 3 of the 6 points damaged from fighting other bucks.  I guess that explains why he was so thick.  It doesn't matter, he's still my biggest buck and I'd only been hunting 3 years.  The excitement for me though is taking 3 shots within 45 minutes and scoring two nice deer on the last chance I had to hunt for the year.  My freezer went from entirely empty for the year to as full as I could pack it! 

The pressure is off this year, I already have my doe.  Now to find that buck in my camera pics that looks to have my 6 point beat!

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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby 8uck5nort » Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:07 am

Darin, 41, Indiana
I have three.
My first deer with my Dad. Biggest buck I have to date. I was 38. My dad no longer hunts cause he is recieveing long term medical care.
My first bow kill. The only other buck I have taken. I was 39
My sons first deer. I was 40. (That was probably the best moment).
Veni, Vidi, Sagittam Mittere, now I'm ready for my nap :)

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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby Ifishandhunt » Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:23 am

Rich, 40, SW Ohio
I have only been hunting for 3 years. My most memorable is the first hunt, my first year. My buddy took me hunting in central Ohio. Long story short, a huge 10 point buck comes within what I estmated as 10 yards of the stand broadside, he stops and grazes. I draw back my bow and let the arrow fly...right under his chest! That big boy jumped a foot high, then apparently was ticked off at whatever it was that tickled his chest.  He stomped and snorted, his head was straight up looking for the culprit. I was frozen in place, trying to figure how on earth I just missed a 10 yard shot. He hung around for a minute or two. Had I gained my composure and stopped shaking from the adreniline rush I may have been able to nock another arrow and take another shot. He then saunters off into the woods out of sight. My heart was still racing. I was sure I had the shot. I had practiced a 20 yard shot over and over again before the season so I knew I could nail a 10 yard shot. Here is what went wrong...OK this may sound really dumb...but I really had no idea. I figured since it was only a 10 yard shot I should bring my 20 yard pin lower to compensate for the 10 yard difference. Silly me...only later to find out I should have kept the 20 yard pin on his vitals. I also came back to the stand later after lunch, this time with a range finder...only to find out it was a 21 yard shot. I was humbled by this event and for the past 3 years have dedicated myself to being educated not only on the deer, but on the tool I choose to hunt with. I have gained such a passion for this sport. The memory of my first hunt...and miss... drive my passion to learn all I can. I have gained a great apprecition for the sport and for the whitetails I hunt. I am still chasing that real life and my dreams.

My son is 10 years old and is starting to show interest in hunting. I bought him his first gun..a Rossi Youth single shot combination .22 rifle and interchangeable .20 gauge shotgun barrel. I took him to the range, made SAFETY his first priority and made sure he understood how to line up his target etc.. He loved shooting the .22. After a long while of shooting the .22 he asked to change out the barrel to the .20 guage. I warned him it kicks like a mule and even shot it once so he can see. I was aware he still did not fully comprehend the recoil. I had him sit on a bench, resting the gun, made sure he lined up his target, told him to hold the gun tight and let him fire it. I positioned myself just behind him because I had a feeling he was going to be pushed back when he shot it. Sure enough, he fired, him and the bench started falling backwards. Luckily I was there to stop him from falling off the bench. His eyes were as big as an apple pie. He just looked at me stunned. I smiled at him and aksed what he thought...he said "Dad, can we go back to shooting the .22?". We went and retrieved the target. Woudn't you know it...his shot was an inch off from dead center...two inches better than my shot! I have a feeling I will be enjoying many more memories with my son! He already told me he wants to go turkey hunting in the Spring. Awesome!

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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby passin through » Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:57 am

No way to narrow it down.....Deer Hunting plays such a major part in my life that asking for the most memorable moment would be like asking the same about my baby girl...everyday is the best.
Some that stick out in my mind.....
---My first deer killed hunting with my Grandmother.... that whole day was magical.
---Getting busted by my biggest Louisiana buck ever as I was reaching for the gun....calm and cool making the shot but almost shook the box stand apart afterward trying to reload the Encore.  Then upon finding him I ran across 80 acres screaming....." he's mature!"  Thats all I could get out[:D]
---Finding out my brother had killed an even bigger buck in the last 5 hours of gun season that year to take the lead for largest buck killed in the club.  The CB conversation went " ain't gonna be able to live with your brother after this!"  "I don't live with him now.  What'd he do? Did he kill something?" "yep"  "was it a buck?"  "yep"  "Does he have any horns?"  "A Lot" "Nuts!"
---My Biggest buck ever I killed because I volunteered to take the garbage to the dump and took my rifle with me because I had not gotten a deer yet.  I killed him chasing a doe through a opening in the pasture within 100 yds of the old gravel pit that we used as a dump.  We were supposed to leave as soon as I got back from the dump to begin a 12 hour drive home...we..did not.  It was several hours later before we could leave with the skinning gutting and quartering of the carcass.  So, I walked in the house the next morning as my wife was leaving to go to work...(But I had Horns in the truck!)[:D]
---Other times, I remember where taking kids to kill their first or biggest game animal--- That is awesome!  Can't wait for my girl to be of age!
---Then after 31 years of living around here I earned a CB handle...."Flipper"  and not because I like dolphins.  That year it was a truck....this year its been a 4 wheeler (twice)
---Which leads me to my most memorable moment for 2008.  I had this bow stand we called the "bridge stand"  After a particularly hairy trip in there we renamed it the "fricken bridge what broke stand"  ---A Honda 450 loaded with 300lbs of corn landing beside you upside down while you are lying in a creek with a foot or so of cold water is a definitly memorable moment...and actually better than you think.  I really count myself lucky that the thing missed my main torso and that my friend was there to help me get my leg free and I'll never forget the laughter after we got clear of the situation.  Given it was stress releasing laughter but it sure felt good anyhow ...

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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby 69Viking » Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:43 am

Ok, since Flipper had to bring it up I can say I had a pretty memorable moment this year too!  We were up at the camp doing pre-hunting season work when one of the 4-wheeler's electric start went out.  The other guys with me had the Ez-Go so they decide to pull me back to camp.  Going down a slight hill on the trail I decide to slip the 4-wheeler into gear to try and get it to start, bad mistake when a "4"-wheeler is locked in 4 wheel drive.  The front wheels grabbed hard and the back of the 4-wheeler flipped up and over sending me flying through the air!  I put my hands up just in time to keep from smashing my head into an oak tree while the 4-wheel landed upside down about a foot from hitting my legs.  It wasn't until the 3 of us got back to the camp that one of us noticed it had a kick start folded up under the seat!  Just one more example of why 4-wheelers and beer don't mix!  We can laugh about it now thankfully that nobody was hurt, just a few dings on the 4-wheeler! 

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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby bubbalp » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:47 am

Nov 1st opening day of blackpowder season for Va. 0728 shot a 12 pt, & 0743 shot a 8 pt. my friends are going crazy trying to find out where I hunt, to late these two will not be there.    BubbaLP

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RE: Your Most Memorable Moment

Postby Patriot » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:11 am

Paul Krueger
Age 32
Wyoming, MN

1.  First buck ever and first deer with bow.  17 years old.  Shot him at 25 yards (hit too far back).  Shot again at 10 yards (hit too far back again).  Found him the next morning still alive.  Dad dove in and finished him off with my knife.

2.  First time hunting completely on my own (age 24).  Dad was in a bit of a depression.  Brothers wife was expecting a baby.  Shot a one horned spike (thought was a doe) and trailed him for-freaking-ever.  Used all the skills I had learned and finally caught up to him.  Kind of a coming of age moment.

3.  Biggest buck ever (age 27).  Drove 2.5 hours to my in-laws.  Hunted all day Saturday and Sunday am...nothing.  Drove back to Minneapolis for a Sunday night Mama Mia musical.  Drove back to the farm that night..arrived at 1:30am.  Got up and hunted all day Monday...not a deer.  Tuesday am shot the big 10 point.
Paul K. "aim small, miss small"


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