Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

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RE: Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

Postby Squirrelhawker » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:53 am

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Ok, well now that we know there are many people being effected by standing corn, does anyone have any tips on how to draw the deer out. Expecailly in my situation because the standing corn isnt on my property, its on the farmers behind ours, therefore i wont go into it to try and drive them out.

Other than stalking them in the corn I don't know. I think being on stand when their combining can help but its a crap shoot. Case in point one of the last evening sits of bow season they were combining behind me towards the edge I was sitting on. As the combine was quitting for the night he wasn't even down the road when a small spike tippy-toed out of the corn and across in front of me. Where I promptly missed him [:@]
With large parcels of corn I don't see how you can drive them out without an army of guys and even if did that doesn't seem safe to me.
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RE: Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

Postby Sailfish » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:55 am

I just posted in the "How has your year been so far" thread about this.

My area too in Central MI, was just covered in corn. It's generally not a stretch to see 30+ deer a day.

But the corn was just everywhere. Still too wet, and the farmers who are hurting already because of $$$ aren't spending the money this year to have it dried. That may be why we are still seeing so much of it.

BUT, look on the plus side, come next year (if we can get the corn out) there are going to be many more 2.5 yo and up than this year [:)]
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RE: Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

Postby hunter480 » Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:33 pm

Most of the fields I`ve personally seen in Indiana are picked.....unfortunately, a huge corn field across the road from my most productive hunting spot is standing. And it`s huge, I`m not good at guessing acreage, but if I had to guess, I`d say this field is 200 acres easily. And no, no way I know of to lure deer out of there. They want to come out, or they don`t, and for the most part, they don`t. It was standing opening Saturday, but hopefully, he`s got it shelled by this Saturday.

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RE: Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

Postby dmcianfa » Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:21 am

My bowhunt out in Buffalo County was absolutely dreadful this year as a result of the standing corn left.  The property around me last year had all its corn down before November and dear were everywhere in the timber looking for cover and posting the usual rut characteristics, but this year with the corn all up still (600+) acres they were just bedding right in the stuff.  The farmer this year said when he combined it the previous year, it was like all hell broke loose and too many deer to count went running out of the planted stuff.  He mentioned that there was a buck taking down three rows of corn with his horns.  I know for a fact that the was where they were as I saw does during the day get up walk out of the corn, browse on close foriage and reenter the corn before dark.  I suspect they come out after dark, but didn't stick around much after legal hunting hours to verify.  This made for one awesome hunt with corn cut last year to the most depressing hunt I've seen for awhile this year!!!  I sure hope they combine it in October next year, its so hard to bowhunt that and it's too darn big to drive without a couple dozen guys at the very least during gun season.[sm=s14.gif][sm=s14.gif][sm=s14.gif]
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RE: Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

Postby 270.tomcat » Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:10 am

I don't know about anyone else but I've shot two does this year using my buck decoy & a little soft grunting! I to have the issue of standing corn on the other property but so far i've had six different deer come to inspect my decoy!!!(Spray the decoy down good first with scent-away) Happy hunting all....

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RE: Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

Postby PrairieShadow » Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:21 am

Our corn harvest is just finally getting going. Personally im happy about it since rifle season fell right on the rut this year. It will certainly let a bunch of the 2.5 yrs olds make it another year and wise up some.
Rifle season here is over this sunday so hopefully my old man can get on one.
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RE: Anyone else being affected by standing corn?

Postby Ugnasty77 » Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:24 pm

Ha ha so get this, all season long the farmer behind us had his corn up. he finally harvested it yesterday, and today he was cutting the stalks down. Any other day i would be so happy with this because the corn was killing me all year, but not today.
Every thanksgiving we drive our property, it a little traditon we have. Well one of the drives we do, i stand off to the side because the deer like to cut out and head to some pines on a neighboring property, but today the farmer was cutting the stalks, and i feel that the deer did not use that escape route because the tractor was all over the field, and it was wide open at this point. Man that corn field gave me more problems this year, but oh well, what can ya do. Theres always tomorrow, one of the many wonderful things about hunting


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