NC gun season opening day

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NC gun season opening day

Postby HauntedWinter » Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:29 am

Well, The opening day gun season went pretty decent. I had my 18 year old son with me who just got his license. I was hoping he would get a buck on opening day. That would have made him very excited. Well, we got to our tree stand(2 man stand) and got setup. I explained what to expect when ya see a deer. About 1 hour of sitting there and a big doe came out behind us but a little far away cause of the dense trees. She went to the property line and followed it down on out left. She then turned right and walked right towards us. Told my son to keep the sights on her and wait till she turns broadside. Well, she did a 180 and walked back the way she came. My son was disappointed but knew it was still early in the morn. About 2 1/2 hours later, I heard commotion in the woods about 60 yards away from me on my right. I was thinking it was the damn squirrals  chasing each other like they do every morning the little bastards. I realized this was a little different and told my son to be ready. Sure enough, out came 2 deer trotting right towards us. They stopped about 25 yards away and looked back. Too much brush in the way to get a shot so we waited. Something spooked them and they ran right in front of us. My son knows there is NO SHOOTING at running deer. First one was a doe and a nice 8 pointer after her. I had a feeling the buck would be back in the afternoon so I told my son to be very observant in that direction. Well, about 45 minutes later, he was back. Walking from the direction he ran the first time. I told my son to wait until the buck moves behind some brush and then bring his 12 ga Winchester to sight right in front of us. Well, he comes the buck walking right towards us. I can hear my sons breathing and told him to slow down his breathing. I can see the buck fever coming on. No matter what I said, i could not get him to calm down. I explained to him that once the buck comes into view, I will make a sound to get him to stop and then he is to take the shot. The buck walked into view 30 feet away. Not yards but FEET! I made a kissing sound and he stopped dead in his tracks. I said to my son, "NOW!" He shot and the slug went right up and over the bucks back. Completely missed it. Whats worse, is that the buck jumped about 180 degrees around and stood there. When I started to bring my Ultraslug up, he ran off. Then stopped about 40 yards away behind some brush. I watched him through my scope waiting for a decent shot between the trees but it never happened. I watched him walk all the way around us to continue where he was going. My son was almost in tears. I felt so bad for him. I explained that it is opening day. There is still 3 1/2 weeks to go. So, we waited for 3 more hours. Saw another doe but still, too far away. Shortly after that, across the river, we saw a doe and a buck hauling ass. Not our property so could not shoot and they were running anyway. A hour after that, only the doe ran back. 1/2 hour after that one, another doe ran back in the same direction. All on the neighbors property. It was a interesting day. It was a experience my son will never forget and will learn from it. He is a great shot with open sights but think he might need to practice today on quick sighting and shooting. Monday is another day!!!!
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RE: NC gun season opening day

Postby buckhunter21 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:22 pm

Great story HauntedWinter...I especially liked how you described the squirrels!  lol  I was laughing...But, those guys keep me entertained that's for sure!
Good luck the rest of the season!

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