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I started to put this under best practices but how can you practice luck?  I'll tell my tale here and then y'all add yours if you want. 
My tale is a tale of woe...and the all fired stoopidist kind of luck a guy can have.  (I`know I am about to whine)

I practice scent control, play the wind, hunt at optimum times for certain stands, practice daily with a bow and lots of rifle and shotgun rounds go off before I hit the woods.  In short: I don't talk smack, I say my prayers, pay my taxes and go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  My kid brother on the other hand just plain don't do any of those things except say his prayers and talk smack....and he has the luck.  I really would like some cheese with my whine about now[:D]
Take this weekend for example.....Saturday night He's griping because he isn't seeing any deer on his super duper ground blind and he asks to borrow a stand just to see deer Sunday morning.  The stand he wants just happened to have a nice 3 year old 10 show up in the area and I had intentions of hunting him all weekend but after a dismal Saturday morning spent with only seeing one deer there,  (figuring on sending him to a gar hole) I said   "...sure go ahead & hunt it but be warned there nothing gonna come out" 
Sunday morning comes and I get a text to call him.  " Big Buck Down"  he says  "Its the big 10 " "You ain't mad are ya?"  "Well no, of course not......and if I am, you gonna go give him mouth to mouth?" 
Tell me about it says I...

His Story:
( and this is where it gets kinda surreal)
6:00 AM  He overslept so he'll be going in in the daylight
Did not shower & had the same clothes on we worked on a tractor with the night before--- He was in a hurry, he said
6:20 AM  Leather steel toe boots through a mile of dry leaves walking in--- (Same leaves me and my silent stalk sneakers spooked every deer in the parish going through the morning before. )
6:50AM  He climbs in the stand with 4 does looking at him....My Cuddeback did record this so I know He ain't stretching it.
6:51AM He falls out of the broken chair I warned him about.
6:52AMAt this point he is mad at himself & is happy he saw does and figures the hunt is over because of the noise.
6:53AM He then proceeds to light a cigarette
& while puffing happily away he sticks his Primos can call out the window at flips it a couple times,  then he grunts on his grunt tube and flips the can again.
7:00 AM At this point he hears what he thinks is a squirrel so he sticks his head out the window  (and yes, Virginia, he still has the Marlboro in his mouth)  Ever seen the Wizard of OZ?  The Gate keeper at the Emerald City is what he looked like when he demonstrated for us
He looks up and around, but no squirrel ....he looks down....10 point buck looking at him from 25 yds.
He spits the smoke out
7:01 am The deer looks at him and walks off down the lane a couple steps.  Our great white hunter then fills his first buck tag of the year at 26 yds..... with his wife's rifle.
He was on the stand maybe 20 minutes.
I swear Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy could make a mint following this kid around.

see what I mean?  Dumb luck... I could just scream.
Here's a pic or two : the trail cam is what sparked interest and the second is the lucky &()&(&))@@#!
Love him and all but one of these days I'm gonna find that 4 leaf clover he has hidden around here cause this ain't the first time this has happened.  In fact his living room is now at about capacity with dumb luck bucks........

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