What to do?

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What to do?

Postby sfd546 » Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:06 pm

Hi everyone, lookin for some input. The property I hunt butts up to a Christmas tree farm. My stand is pretty much on the property line, about 40 yards off the fence. The deer come frome the Christmas trees, over the fence and feed in the field in front of my stand. Pretty good spot over all. Well last week I shot a nice 8 pointer, (paunch shot Image) he jumped the fence and bed down in the trees. I got permission from the neighbor to track him and went back to my stand. My plan was to give him 4-5 hrs to expire. As I was standing there the neighbor lady drove up on her four wheeler and told me she drove up and down the rows of Christmas trees till she jumped up the deer. She seen him run but did not know which direction he went. I found good blood ( fist sized drops) right to the point she jumped him from, then nothing. The next day I returned to look some more and was told I could not enter onto the property. Her husband did'nt want anyone on his land. My delima is this, Ive seen tons of deer in that corner and several nice bucks. they never really enter the woods, They come from the christmas trees, feed in the field then return. So do I move my stand to a different location or take my chances that an arrowed deer runs in any other direction than to the Christmas trees????

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