Deer Hunting Shows

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Deer Hunting Shows

Postby Gafrage » Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:28 pm

I am sick and tired of some of these hunting shows.  Some of the shots they put on the deer, are so horrible.  Some of the deer drop in their tracks, and they shot it thru both lungs.  Don't get me wrong, I've shot a few deer in my days that have dropped right in their tracks.  Some of them were young deer, that I shot in the liver, and they dropped, but I had to finish them off.  A few, very few (regardless of age), I've shot in the neck, and dropped them in their tracks.  I've never shot a deer through both lungs that dropped in it's tracks.  Some of the deer they shoot on these shows have to run several hundred yards (my personal opinion, whether it be bow or gun).  Why would they lie that the deer/elk/caribou ran less than they did?  Are they trying to sell the products they are being sponsored by or what?  If you ask me, it's pretty messed up.  Why would they falsify the details?  They talk about reality shows, real game, real this real that.  It's not even close to that.  Thoughts?  Insight?

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