UV-Killer -- It Just Keeps Going and Going. . .

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UV-Killer -- It Just Keeps Going and Going. . .

Postby shaman » Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:12 am

The shaman tests a sample of UV-Killer provided by I got a sample of UV-Killer from Dan Gutting at Atsko.
UV Killer Tests 081106

Comment (from myweblog)

I am oft reminded of the story of the man with the can of Elephant Repellent. One day a neighbor sees the man scattering powder around the edge of his yard and asks what's up.

"It's elephant repellent." said the man.

"Why do you need elephant repellent?" asked the neighbor.

"Because I don't want to be trampled." replied the man.

"But this is Kansas, there are no elephants around here!" said the neighbor.

"See how good it works?" said the man. "Think what it would be like if I wasn't treating my lawn!"

Here's the rest of the story:

I received my sample of UV-Killer from Dan Gutting at Atsko. You may remember that Dan and I started a conversation regarding UV-Killer back on 9/22/2008 on this very weblog. No? Here's the link:
UV Killers[/url]

Since then Dan and I have been going back and forth over that post. Finally Dan sent me a bottle of UV-Killer and instructions for doing a test. I did not have the UV bulb he said was necessary-- a 350nm bulb. This would be the same sort of bulb you see at night clubs. However, I did have an incandescent black light. So I ran some tests anyway.

Yep, if you paint UV-Killer on a sheet of copier paper and put it under my black light, you can see a difference. On camo? On a piece of Hunter Orange fabric? On anything except that piece of copier paper and the cotton swab I used to paint the UV-Killer on? Nope.

If you read through the comments after the original post you see this from Dan Gutting:

Dear Shaman,
Nothing is conclusive because you are using an incondescent bulb.If nothing glows at all you may have "selected" clothing over the years that you were successful with. I would suggest that the reason why you were successful with these pieces may be that they don't glow. If you have any interest in evaluating your need for U-V-Killer or the effectiveness of it you will need to get a 350BLB flourescent light.
Sincerely, Dan

Dan, it is pretty obvious to me that my testing of this stuff is going nowhere. No, I didn't cherry pick fabric from my collection that had a track record of success. These were just remnants that were on sale and went into a big bin waiting for a project. I dug down to the bottom and found things like Crumley's original Trebark. Out of all that camo fabric, and all my hunting clothes, I could not find anything that fluoresced except the hunter orange vests and hats. All the fabric I picked for the test had never seen the inside of a washing machine, had never been treated with anything. It came off the bolt at the store and got shelved in my basement. The stuff that I deliberately treated with detergent with UV brighteners stayed dull under the light.

Furthermore, the hunter orange fabric I used in the test was a swatch from the poncho that I made for my two kids so they would have legal orange on when they went out hunting this year. Both kids killed their deer wearing day-glo hunter orange ponchos made from that fabric. I'd call them darn lucky, especially wearing hunter orange ponchos made from some miraculous material that UV-Killer can't seem to touch.

Here are the details of all the tests.

UV Killer Tests 081106

Dan, if you want to send me the special bulb, I'll be more than happy to repeat the tests and publish the results. For now, I have satisfied myself that your myth is busted. Let me refresh my offer from last month:

. . . you can send me a day-glow UV-radioactive clown suit, and a big day-glo UV painted sign that says "DANGER: HUNTER" and I'll wear the suit and sit in my treestand under the sign all during season as long as you agree to publish all my kill photos in full page ads wherever you are currently advertising. Frankly, I do not think the clown suit or the sign will make much difference to my success as long as I can treat them with a little baking soda to get the stink off.

I'm not the Myth Busters. In fact, I am a practicing shaman; we live for myths and rituals. This all looks like a hunter doing some arcane cleansing ritual to get rid of the unseen evil spirits to me. I dig that. I would not want to see UV Killer go away anymore than I would like to hunt under a sky devoid of Orion.

. . . but wait, there's more.

Dan at Atsko replied:[/url]

Dan@atsko.com has left a new comment on your post "UV Killers":

Dear Shamen,
It is evident from your pictures that your incondescent Blacklight does not provide the short wavelenght energy to activate most brighteners. It has plenty of power, but all longer wavelenght than what is needed. Please google
and you will see several examples of fabric and detergent under both incondescent light and 350 BLB.
Is the counter accurate that indicates -0- following this blog?
Perhaps we should move this discussion to D & D H ?
Dan Gutting, Atsko Inc


Per your request, I have moved this discussion over to the Deer and Deer Hunting Forum under General Discussions.  Yes, I saw the page for WASHING ACU BDU.  However, I must contend that the test I ran was valid, for at least as far as it went:

1)  I was able to get a glow registering on the camera.
2) There was a definite difference between fabrics that glowed and those that did not.
3)  I picket several pieces of my camo fabric and used my detergent
4)  I did see the effect your instructions said on the white paper, I just did not see it on the fabric

I will be more than happy to repeat the test using any illuminating device you want to send me. I will also be happy to substitute your choice of detergent.  Obviously Ultra-Gain just didn't have the right stuff.

Whatever counter you're looking at is probably not right.  I'm using Google Analytics on that weblog site, and I'm showing a pretty fair hit rate and it's currently climbing.  The site with the test results on it had quite a bit more. Right now, UV-Killer seems to be a very hot search keyword.  Either that's you, or there are a growing number of people interested in our conversation.
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